Senior Championship 1901- Final Lineouts

First recorded Connacht Final 1901–played 1902

12 Oct 1902 (Objection refixed)
Mayo 2-3                Galway 0-3
9 Nov 1902 (Claremorris)
Mayo 2-2                Galway 0-6


Mayo                        Galway

W Parsons              J J Nestor

J Cahill                     J Lynch

M Parsons              J Cunniff

M Regan                 T Patten

J Phover                  M Flaherty

Tom Plover            M Reddington

P Doherty               P Reddington

M Reilly                  T Kilgarriff

M Casserley           M Hession

Robert Marsh        T Hannon

Andy Corcoran      F Kilkelly

Páid Sweeney        P Joyce

J Gilligan                W Hardiman

Dan Kildea             S Canavan

J McNulty              C Ryan

Tom Kilmartin      W Kenneddy

J Nicholas               S Corcoran

REF: Luke O’Toole (Dublin)

Note: Connacht GAA Council first formed after this game in Ryan’s hotel, Claremorris when the following officers were elected:

Joseph McBride, Foxford, Co Mayo President,
Frank Dorr, Westport Co Mayo Secretary
Michael C Shine, Tuam, Co Galway Treasurer.

Also present: FB Dineen, Limerick; James Cotter, Chairman Mayo GAA Board, Luke o’Toole, Dublin , Central Council *& William Cannon, Tuam, Co Galway. Connacht Council ordered a replay of the above final. Mayo won the replay by 2-3 to 0-3.


3 May 1903
Mayo 2-2                Galway 0-6


Galway awarded as Mayo and Roscommon were disqualified as they were not registered properly.


Mayo beat Galway by 0-7 to 0-4 and defeated Roscommon in the Connacht final 3-6 to 0-1. The 1904 final was played 13.4.1905.

Mayo                                          Roscommon  

Robert Marsh                          M Furey

P M Timlin                               Joe Furey

P Heffernan                            Jack Furey

M Coppinger                          P Brennan

M Fuery                                   J Casserly

D Ryder                                   P O’Connor

J Conlon                                  M Earley

Par farmer                               G Gavin

Sheridan                                  G Kelly

P Kelly                                       P Larkin

T Wade                                      T McGreevy

B Hennigan                             J Melia

C Huey                                     Matt Moran

Andy Corcoran                      Mick Moran

T Murray                                 Jack Morris

T Gilmartin                             T Morris

Willie Boshell                        Thady Murray

Tom Murray

J Heneghan

M O’Rourke

Matt Moran


27-5-05 (Tuam)

Roscommon 0-7   Mayo 0-5

Mayo objected but were overuled because there were no side-line men or umpires available to give evidence.

Roscommon       Mayo

Maurice Furey     Robert Marsh                                             J Brennan              Denis Ryder

J Flanagan              Tom Boshell

J Morris                    Andy Corcoran

T Morris                  Pat farmer

T Mc Dermott        Pat Kilduff

T Murray                O Sweeney

J Murray                  M Heavey

MJ Heavey              Bartlett Ferguson

J Quinlan Boyle   Willie Boshell

Matt Moran            Tom Gilmartin

Michael Rorke      Tom Murray

J Madden                T Wade

J Murray                  Martin Crean

G Hession               Patrick Sweeney

J Hession                 M McHugh

J Shelly                   J Munelly


26 May 1907 (Tuam)

Mayo 2-13 Roscommon 0-5

Mayo                                          Roscommon

Páid Sweeney                        J Casserley

A Corcoran                              T Morris

D Ryder                                     M Furey

A Mc Gowan                            F Finnegan

O Sweeney                              J Brennan

T Barrett                                   J Madden

J Moran                                      Beirne

Pat Farmer                               Dockery

T Murray                                  M J Heavey

Tom Gilmartin                       R Hession

Willie Boshell                        J Flanagan

Bartley Ferguson                  Michael Rourke

Luke Casey                             McDonald

Michael McHugh                  Gilleran

M Rafferty                               Shaly

Tom Boshell                            J Madden

A Boshell                                  Gordan

REF: McShine (Galway)


12 July 1908 (Tuam)

Mayo 3-9                Galway 0-1

Final preceded by Junior Final in which Mayo defeated Galway 2-9 to 0-4.


31 Jan 1909 (Tuam)

Mayo 2-5                Roscommon 0-4

Dr Douglas Hyde threw in the ball.

Mayo                                          Roscommon

Andy Corcoran                      P Rourke

Páid Sweeney                        J Brennan

Williw Boshell                       A Madden

Tom Gilmartin                       M Heavey

Denis Ryder                            J Gilleran

Tom Barrett                             C Beirne

John Moran                             T Brennan

Pat Farmer                               P Murray

Bartley Ferguson                  J Madden

Michael McHugh                                    J Mc Donald

Martin Rafter                          J Donnella

Luke Casey                              M Brady

Pat Kilduff                               P Shelly

Tom Boshell                            M Egan

Martin Murray                       J Flanagan

D F Courell                              J Manning

G Fitzgerald                            R Hession


30 Oct 1910 (Ballina)

Mayo 1-3                Galway 0-4

Mayo                                          Galway

Paid Sweeney                        M Naughton

Bartley Ferguson                  PM Ryan

Michael McHugh                  T Forde

Andy Boshell                          E Kennedy

Tom Gibson                             T Lipton

Martin Franklin                    C Gallagher

Willie Boshell                        T Harrison

Barney Durkan                     M French

Pat Farmer                               A Mc Hugh

Martin Farrell                        P Henehan

John Moran                             JJ Cuddy

Tommy Boshell                     P Mc Donough

Arthur Hanley                       M Flannelly

G Fitzgerald                            E Kilkenny

Ernie Boshell                         G Feeney

J Jordan                                     P Healy

DF Courell                               P Flaherty


REF: M O’Sullivan

Note: The 4 Boshells were brothers from Ballina.



8 Oct 1911 (Athlone)

Galway 1-3 Roscommon 1-2


Galway                                      Roscommon

Gerald Fenney                       P O’Rourke

Ned Kilkenny                         Joe Manning

Peter Flaherty                        M Egan

Michael Halliday                                    T Brady

Eddie Patton                          M Brady

Tom Kilgarriffe                      JJ Donnellan

Pat Ryan                                   M Heavey

Fred Fox                                    A Madden

Tom Lupton                            J Quigley

Eddie Kennedy                     MJ Neary

Paddy Heneghan                 P Murray

Pat Tully                                   J Brennan

Joe Dunne                                J Gilleran

Joe Murray                               C Beirne

Matt Flannelly                       H Hession

John Sheehy                           M Henry

Stephan Jordan                                      J Conroy


Ref: M McHugh, Castlebar



Galway declared champions



Gerald Fenney                      MichaelHalliday

Eddie Patton                          Peter Flaherty

Paddy Glennon                     Ned Kilkenny

Tom Kilgarriffe                      Martin Reddington

Pat Ryan                               Paddy Heneghan

Frank Forde                            Eddie Kennedy

Tom Hannon                          Tom Lipton

John Sheey                              Pat Tully

Joe Murray



15-9-12 (Castlerea)

Roscommon 0-2                Galway 0-0


Roscommon                         Galway

A Madden (Capt)                 J Cuddy(Capt)

M Henry                                   Frank Forde

J Quigley                                Tom Lipton

J Conroy                                 M French

P Shally                                                      Ned Kilkenny

J Gilleran                               Michael Halliday

H Hession                                 Eddie Patton

M O’Rourke                             P Guttery

P Henehan                              Gerald Feeney

M Brennan                              P Glennon

T Barlow                                   P Bryan

Jack Brennan                          A Gearty

Jim Brennan                           M Cawley

T Brady                                     Stephen Jordan

J J Donnellan                          J Dunne

J Kelly                                         P Boland

C Beirne                                 Matt Flannelly

Subs: Joe Mannion

J Dolan




28-9-13 (Castlerea)

Galway 1-2            Mayo 0-3


Galway                                      Mayo

Michael Halliday                  Willie Boshell

Gerald Feeney                       Tom Gibson

Martin Rogers                        B Connell

Jimmy Mannion                   P Murray

Eddie Patton                          Tommy Boshell

Paddy Fitzgerald                 J Byrne

J J Cuddy                                   M Sweeney

Frank Forde                            M Cawley

Stephen Jordan                     F Robertson

Martin Cawley                       J Robertson

M Kelly                                      Martin Franklin

P Bryan                                                       P Coulter

P Connolly                               A Taylor

A McCracken                           J McGlynn

P J Joyce                                                       P Jennings


2-8-14 (Castlerea)

Roscommon 2-3                Leitrim 1-3


Roscommon       Leitrim

Dan Hession        J F Flynn

J J Doorley              J Clynne

Pat Doorley           F Doherty

Tom Shevlin         C Reynolds

Tom Scally             P Reynolds

Jim Quigley           C Flynn

Andy Madden      H Mal,oney

Pat Conroy             M O’Grady

Jack Brennan        J McGoldrick

John Madden       J Sheridan

Pat Nilan                T Connolly

Dan Hogue            James Bohan

Dan Rourke           J Heslin

Tom Gilleran        F McGovern

John Niland          M Geelan

Sub: J J Geelan

J Reynolds



26-9-15 (Castlerea)

Mayo 3-1 Roscommon 0-3


Mayo                                          Roscommon

Murty Gavin                            Andy Madden

Frank Courell                         Dan Haige

John McEllin                           LukeO’Connor

Joe Leyden                               Harry Hession

George Delaney                    Pat Doorley

Tom Gibson                             P J Scott

Martin Murray                       Pat Conboy

Tom Boshell                            Dan O Rourke

Patrick Tiger Smith             Pat Doogue

P Jennings                               Paddy Brennan

Pat Robinson                          Pat Dolan

Bernie Durcan                       Eddie Farrell

Jim Reilly                                  Tom Shelvin

Jack Waldron                          Peter Farrell

Tom Ruane                              John McGovern

Sub: Tom Brady

Jim Quigley

Bob Doorley


15-10-16 (Castlerea)

Mayo 1-5                Roscommon 0-3


Mayo                                          Roscommon

Padraig Loftus                       Tom Shelvin

Tom Gibson                             Dan Haige

Jack Waldron                          Tom Brady

John Eddie McEllin             Luke O’Connor

Tom Ruane                              Pat Doogue

Pat Robinson                          Pat Conboy

Joe Leyden                               Paddy Brennan

Harry Hession                        Andy Madden

Frank Courell                         Jim Quigle

Martin Murray                       Bob Doorle

Tom Boshell                            Mick Scally

Martin Franklin                    Mick Gilleran

Jim Reilly                                  Dan O’Rourke

Tom Forde                               John McGovern

Patrick Tiger Smith             Peter Farrell

Sub:Willie Brennan

Paddy McDermott

Christy Hughes



7-10-1917 (Castlerea)

Galway 1-4            Mayo 1-1


Galway                    Mayo

Denis Egan            Frank Courell

John Egan              Pat Loftus

Tom Egan               Jack Waldron

Peter Higgins       Bernie Durkan

Joe Walsh               A McHugh

Paddy Roche        P Lynskey

M Dolan                                    J McEllin

Gibney Jennings John Lydon

Jack Hanniffy        George Delaney

Harry Burke          P Jennings

M McNicholas       P Ruane

M Walsh                  Harry Hession

Martin Cawley     Willie Lydon

Mattie Flannelly                   Fred Doherty

Pat O’Brien            Pat “Tiger” Smith

Ref: J Flynn, Leitrim


22-9-18 (Castlerea)

Mayo 0-4                Galway 0-1


Mayo                                          Galway

Paraic Loftus                           Denis Egan

Jack Waldron                          MattieFlannelly

Anthony McHugh                 Larry Raffery

P Lynskey                                 Tom Egan

Joe Lydon                                 John Egan

John McEllin                           Paddy Roache

Barney Durkin                      GibneyJennings

George Delaney                    Michael Walsh

P Jennings                               Jack Hanniffy

H Hession                                 Martin Cawley

W Lydon                                   Peter Higgins

F Doherty                                 Gerald Feeney

P Smith                                                        M Dolan

P Ruane                                                      Harry Burke

D Frank Courell                    Josie Walsh


3-8-19 (Tuam)

Galway 1-6 Roscommon 0-5


Galway                    Roscommon

Mattie Flannelly                   GeorgeMcGovern

Larry Rafferty       PeterFarrell

Harry Burke          Willie Brennan

Martin Cawley     James Quigley

Peter Higgins       Dan O’Rourke

Pat O’Brien            Mick Scally

Martin Cawley     Christy Hughes

Gerald Feeney     Pat Conboy

John Egan              Paddy McDermott

Jack Hanniffy        John Quigley

Denis Egan            Mick Cunniffe

Tom Egan               Luke O’Connor

Gilbey Jennings   Peter Shally

Michael Walsh    John Cummins

Paddy Roche        Stephen Kehir



22-8-20 (Castlerea)

Mayo 2-3                Sligo 1-4


Mayo                                          Sligo

Richard Creagh                     Luke Kilcoyne

John McEllin                           Mick Kilcoyne

M McNicholas                         Paddy Colleran

Tony McHugh                        Jim Colleran

Fred Doherty                          Peter Harte

Willie Boshell                        M Haver

Pat Robinsion                         P Benson

George Delaney                    Michael Kearns

Willie McDonnell                 F Brennan

J McLean                                   Tom Brennan

Paddy O ’Beirne                   Michael Jennings

Sean Lavin                               F Scully

D Frank Courell                   P Noone

Willie Lyden                           M McLoughlin

J White                                       Nicky Devine

Sub: Eddie Colleran


Referee: T Shevlin, Roscommon



25-03-1923 (Castlerea)

Mayo 1-4                Roscommon 0-1


Mayo                        Roscommon

B Farrell                    Ton Shevlin

P Kelly                      George McGovern

Barney Durkan      Peter Farrell

M McNicholas       Willie Brennan

Joe Lydon               Jim Quigley

Pat Robinson        Dan O’Rourke

Mick Barrett          Mick Scally

John Forde             Christy Hughes

P McLean                Tim Quigley

J White                     PaddyMcDermott

George Delaney      Mick Cunniffe

JTimoney                Stephen Keher

Paddy Ormsby       Pat Conboy

Paddy O’Beirne    Paddy Shally

T Mulderrig          John Cummins

Subs: Luke O’Connor

Paddy Conroy

Tom Kearns

Peter Shevlin


25-8-1923 (Tuam) 1st Game

Sligo 3-2                 Galway 1-7


Sligo                          Galway

G Brennan             Mick K Walsh

Bernie Colleran  John Egan

Patsy Noone          Tom Egan

Peter Harte            Tom Molloy

M Jennings            Willie Flanagan

T J Conlon              Paddy Roche

M Cavanagh          Gilby Jennings

L Flatley                  John Kirwan

V Cunningham    Ted Hession

M McDonnell        Leo McGrath

Tom Brennan       John Hannify

J Harte                      Mick Donnellan

N Devine                M Walsh (Dun)

Mick Kilcoyne       Paddy Kilroy

Paddy Colleran     Harry Cunningham

1922 replay

30-9-1923 (Croke Park)

Galway 2-4 Sligo 1-5


Galway                                      Sligo

Mick Knacker Walsh          M Jennings

Denis Egan                              John Brennan

John Egan                                M McDonnell

Tom Molloy                             Patsy Noone

Willie Flanagan                    L Flatley

Paddy Roche                          M Kavanagh

Gilby Jennings                       TConlon

John Kirwan                           Bernie Colleran

Ted Hession                            Paddy Colleran

Leo McGrath                           Vincent Cunningham

John Hannify                          P Sweeney

Mick Donnellan                    Tom C Brennan

Martin Walsh                         J Harte

Paddy Kilroy                          Mick Kilcoyne

Harry Cunningham            Nick Devine


4-5-1924 (Tuam)

Mayo 0-4 Galway 0-2

Mayo                        Galway

Barney Durcan    Michael Walsh

Martin Murray     Willie Flanagan

J Walshe                  Tom Molloy

John E McEllin     John Egan

M McNicholas       Denis Egan

P Coleman             Paddy Roache

Pat Robinson        Josie Walsh

Joe Lydon               Ted Hession

Philip Hoban        Leo McGrath

John Whyte           Tom Leech

George Delaney  Gilbey Jennings

Paddy Ormsby    Mick Donnellan

Willie Lydon         Martin Walsh

A Lohan                                     Paddy Jennings

M Mulderrig         Martin Egan


19-10-1924 (Ballina)

Mayo 0-1 Galway 0-1

Mayo                        Galway

Barney Durcan    Michael Walsh

J Murray                  J Gavin

S Carr                       P Bates

John E McEllin     John Egan

John Forde             Denis Egan

Tom Forde             Paddy Roche

Tom Molloy         Mick Bannerton

Joe Lydon               Ted Hession

J Regan                    Leo McGrath

John Whyte           Tom Leech

George Delaney  Gilbey Jennings

Paddy Ormsby    Mick Donnellan

Willie Lydon         Martin Walsh

Sean Lavin             Paddy Jennings

M Mulderrig         Martin Egan


Galway 1-5            Mayo   1-3

Postponed Connacht Final

Galway awarded All-Ireland title after winnning this match


Galway                    Mayo

Tom Molloy          J McEllin

Michael Walsh    Jim Murray

John Egan              Bernie Durkan

Denis Egan            Fred O’Doherty

Harry Burke          Andy Lohan

Frank Benson       Paddy O’Beirne

Willie Smyth         Mick Mullins

Tom Leech             John Forde

Mick Bannerton  Mick Mulderrig

Leonard McGrath                 Sean Lavin

Paddy Roache      George Delaney

Gilbey Jennings   John J Walsh

Paddy Ganly         Jack Henry

Mick Donnellan  G Williams

Lawrence McGrath              T Forde


12 7 26 (Roscommon)

Galway 3-2 Mayo 1-2


Galway                    Mayo

Gilbey Jennings   J Forde

Tom Molloy           Patten

Harry Burke          Mullins

Leonard McGrath                 McGahern

John Gavin             Mick Mulderrig

Mick Donnellan  Paddy O’Beirne

Mick Bannerton  McEllin

John Egan                                White

Paddy Ganly         Fred O’Doherty

Tom Leech             J McEllin

Michael Walsh

Andy Lohan

Denis Egan

Tom Hegarty

Paddy Roche


7-8-27 (Roscommon)

Leitrim 2-4         Galway  0-3


Leitrim                                     Galway

John Willie Murphy            Willie Smith

Micheal Casserly                  Harry Burke

Jimmy Reynolds  Mick Bannerton

Martin J Morgan  Ted Hession

Bernie O’Neill      Mick Donnellan

Tom Gannon         Bernie Keyes

Jack Bohan             Gilbey Jennings

Peter Blessing      Tom Leech

Peter Masterson  Mick Walsh

Paddy Carey         Martin Kelly

Ned Dolan                               Paul Colleran

Willie Martin        Denis Egan

Joe Dolan                                  Paddy Roache

Peter Murray        Paddy Ganley

Willie Flynn          John Reilly


5-8-28 (Tuam)

Sligo 1-4                Mayo      0-6


Sligo                         Mayo

George Higgins    Jack Kenny

Kieran Kenny       Tom Tunney

Jim Flynn                                 John Joe Walsh

Pat O’Dowd           John Forde

Bertie McGettrick                  Ml McLoughlin

MJ Kavanagh        Richard Creagh

Luke Colleran      Mick Mullins

Martin McCoy       John McEllin

Paddy Colleran   Paddy O’Leary

John O’Beirne      Joe Forde

Tom Brennan      Wm Donoghue

Mick Kilcoyne       T J Hanley

Milo Flynn             Gerard Courell

Nicholas Devine John Forde

Mickey Noone      Joe McFadden


21-7-29 (Roscommon)

Mayo 1-6                Galway  0-4


Mayo                        Galway

Ml McLoughlin    John Riddle

Jack Kenny             Harry Burke

Richard Creagh   Michael Smith

Willie Donohue  Willie Smith

Tom Tunney         J Cunnane

Mick Mullens        TadhgMcCarthy

T J Hanley                                Mick Brennan

Mick Mulderrig   J Moran

John Forde             Mick Donnellan

Frank Patten         Mick Higgins

John McGahern   Patrick Kelly

Michael Moran    P Griffin

M J Barrett             J Donnellan

Richard Moore     T Gill

Gerald Courell     Paddy Roche

Subs                          Subs

John Forde             J Barrett

J Cox                          Mick Bannerton

Dermot Mitchell


Aug 16th 30 (Parkmore)

Mayo 1-7                Sligo       1-2


Mayo                        Sligo

Sean Moran           J G Higgins

John Kenny           Like Colleran

R Creagh                                   J Flynn

Patsy Flannelly   T O’Dowd

Tom Tulley            J McGettrick

Paddy Quinn       M Kavanagh

P Cox                        F Kavanagh

Mick Mulderrig   P Colleran

John Forde            C O’Connor

Frank Patten         H McGettrick

M Keating                                T Brennan

Michael Moran    Mickey Noone

T J Hanley                                M McCoy

Dick Hearns          N Devine

Gerald Courell     K Kilcoyne


J Egan                       T Brennan

J Regan                    R Giblin

D Taylor                                   M Flynn

E Barrett

Referee: Stephen Jordan


9-8-31 (Sligo)

Mayo 2-10                              Roscommon 3-2


Mayo                        Roscommon

John Moran           Bernd Winston

John Kenny           James Dalton

Paddy Quinn       Tom Shevlin

Philip Hogan        Tom Hannon

Thomas Tunney Patrick Quinn

Seamus O’Malley                  Jim Briens

Paddy Munnelly                  Tom Moran

Mick Mulderrig   Jn McDermott

Patrick Flannery                   Mick Foley

James Forde          Francis Brown

Seamus O’Dwyer                  Patrick Power

Michael Moran    Patk Coughlin

Gerald Courell     Ned Dooley

Paddy Moclair     Jim Creighton

John Culkin           Patrick Perry

1932 Tuam

Mayo 2-6   Sligo 0-7

Mayo                        Sligo

Tom Burke             J Brennan

Jack Gannon          Luke Colleran

Paddy Quinn       J McGettrick

Purty Kelly            P O’Dowd

Thomas Tunney N Devine

Seamus O’Malley                  M Kavanagh

George Ormsby    Frk Kavanagh

Patsy Flannelly   Paddy Colleran

Mick Mulderrig   C O’Connor

John Forde             T Brennan

Dick Hearns          M Snee

Paddy Munelly   Mick Kilcoyne

Gerard Courell    M Noone

Paddy Moclair     M Flynn

TJ Hanley               M O’Rourke


Castlerea 23 7 33

Galway 1-7 Mayo 1-5

Galway                    Mayo

Michael Brennan                 Tom Burke

Hugo Carey           Mick Mulderrig

Mick Connaire     Paddy Quinn

Dinny O’Sullivan                 M Naughton

Tommy Hughes   T Hanley

Tadhg McCarthy                   Seamus Malley

Frank Fox                                 George Ormsby

Martin Kelly          Patsy Flannelly

John Dunne          Henry Kenny

Frank Burke          E Griffiths

Brendan Nestor  PaddyMunnelly

Mick Higgins         J Flannery

Joe Kelleher          Gerald Courell

Mick Donnellan  Paddy Moclair

Dermot Mitchell  J P McGovern




Galway 2-4            Mayo 0-5


Galway                    Mayo

Micheal Brennan                 Tom Burke

Hugo Carey           Patk O’Loughlin

Jim Daly                                    Paddy Quinn

Paddy Stephens Purty Kelly

Tommy Hughes   Tom Regan

Tadgh McCarthy                   Mick Raftery

Frank Fox                                 Patrick Collins

John Dunne          Patsy Flannelly

Dinny O’Sullivan                 George Ormsby

Dermot Mitchell  Jackie Carney

Mick Higgins         Jim McGowan

Ralph Griffin        Henry Kenny

Mick Ferriter         Gerald Courell

Martin Kelly          Paddy Moclair

Brendan Nestor  Peter Laffey




Mayo 0-12             Galway  0-5


Mayo                        Galway

Tom Burke             Michl Brennan

Purty Kelly            Hugo Carey

Paddy Quinn       Mick Connaire

Patsy Flannelly           DinnyO’Sullivan

Jim McGowan       Mick Higgins

Jack Gannon          Bobby Beggs

Tommy Regan      Frank Fox

Tom McNicholas John Dunne

Paddy Brett           Tommy Hughes

Seamus O’Malley                  DermtMitchell

Paddy Moclair     Martin Kelly

Henry Kenny        Ralph Griffin

Peter Laffey           Ned Mulholland

Paddy Munnelly                  Pat McDonnell

Joe Munnelly        Brendan Nestor




Mayo 2-4                Galway  1-7


Mayo                        Galway

Tom Burke             Ned Mulholland

Jim McGowan       Hugo Carey

Paddy Quinn       Mick Connaire

Seamus O’Malley                  Din O’Sullivan

Tommy Regan      Frank Cunniffe

George Ormsby    Mick Raftery

Pat Collins             Frank Fox

Henry Kenny        John Dunne

Patsy Flannelly   Mick Higgins

Jackie Carney       Tadg McCarthy

Josie Munnelly    Charl Connolly

Peter Laffey           Tommy Hughes

Gerald Courcell   Ralph Griffin

Paddy Moclair     Bobby Beggs

Paddy Munnelly                  Brendan Nestor




Mayo 2-7                Galway  1-4


Mayo                        Galway

Tom Burke             Ned Mulholland

Purty Kelly            Hugo Carey

Paddy Quinn       Mick Connaire

Jim McGowan       Din O’Sullivan

Tom Regan            Tommy Hughes

Seamus O’Malley                  Tom Keyes

Pat Collins             Frank Fox

Patsy Flannelly   John Dunne

Henry Kenny        Bobby Beggs

Jackie Carney       Tadg McCarthy

George Ormsby    Charl Connolly

Peter Laffey           Mick Higgins

Josie Munnelly    Ralph Griffin

Paddy Moclair     Paddy Stephens

Paddy Munnelly                  Brendan Nestor




Mayo 3-5                Galway  0-8


Mayo                        Galway

Tom Burke             Pat McDonagh

Jim McGowan       Mick Raftery

Paddy Quinn       Mick Connaire

Pat Collins             Din O’Sullivan

Tom Regan            Tom Keyes

George Ormsby    Bobby Beggs

Tommy Grier        Frank Cunniffe

Patsy Flannelly   John Dunne

Henry Kenny        Mick Higgins

Jackie Carney       Ralph Griffin

Jim Laffey                                 Gene O’Sullivan

Peter Laffey           J Mannion

Josie Munnelly    Ned Mulholland

Paddy Moclair     Charl Connolly

Paddy Munnelly                  Brendan Nestor


Tom McNicholas

Martin Hannon

Gerard Courell




Galway 0-8           Mayo 0-5

Galway                    Mayo

Jimmy McGauren                  Tom Burke

Mick Raftery          Jim McGowan

Mick Connaire     Paddy Quinn

Dinny O’Sullivan                 Prunty Kelly

Frank Cunniffe    Tom Regan

Bobby Beggs          George Ormsby

Charlie Connolly                  Martin Hannan

John Dunne          Henry Kenny

John Burke            Patsy Flannelly

Jackie Flavin         Seamus’Malley

Brendan Nestor  Peter Laffey

Mickey Mannion                   Jim Laffey

Ned Mulholland                   Josie Munnelly

Martin Kelly          Paddy Moclair

Eugene O’Sullivan              Jackie Carney








Mayo 2-6                Galway  0-3

Mayo      Galway

Tom Burke             Jim McGauren

Jim McGowan       Mick Raftery

Paddy Quinn       Mick Connaire

Purty Kelly           Din O’Sullivan

Tom Regan            Frank Cunniffe

George Ormsby    Bobby Beggs

Tom Robinson      Pat McDonogh

Henry Kenny        John Dunne

Patsy Flannelly   Paddy Mitchell

Jackie Carney       Jackie Flavin

Austin O’Toole     Brendan Nester

Martin Hannan   Ralph Griffin

Josie Munnelly    Ned Mulholland

Paddy Moclair     Charl Connolly

Tommy Hoban     Mick Higgins


PJ Judge

Josie Munnelly




Galway 1-7            Mayo      0-5


Galway                    Mayo

Jimmy McGauren                  Des Acton

Mick Raftery          Tim Laffey

Charlie Connolly                  Richrd Winters

Dinny O’Sullivan                 Mick Griffin

Johnny Casey       Tommy Regan

Bobbie Beggs        George Ormsby

Frank cunniffe     Tom Robinson

John Dunne          Henry Kenny

Paddy Mitchell    John Mulrooney

Jackie Flavin         Paddy Judge

Ned Mulholland                   Austin O’Toole

John Burke            Peter Laffey

Mick Higgins         Josie Munnelly

Con McGovern     Tm McNamara

Brendan Nestor  Mick O’Malley


Liam Kitt for Casey



Galway  Roscommon

Jimmy McGauren                  Frank Glynn

Mick Rafferty        J F Comer

Pat McDonagh     J P O’Callaghan

Frank Cunniffe    Ownsie Hoare

Joe Duggan            Purty Kelly

Bobby Beggs          Harry O’Connor

Charlie Connolly                  William Heavey

Jimmy Hanniffy   Bill Carlos

Dan Kavanagh     Eamon Boland

Jarlath Canavan  Kevin Winston

John Dunne          Jimmy Murray

Paddy Mitchell    Donal Keenan

Ned Mulholland                   P Kenny

Pearse Thornton                  Hugh Gibbons

Jackie Flavin         Gerry Beirne


Phelim Murray

Larry Cummins




Galway  Roscommon

Jimmy McGauren                  Frank Glynn

Pat McDonagh     Larry Cummins

Pat McDonagh     J P O’Callaghan

Frank Cunniffe    Willie Heavy

Joe Duggan            Purty Kelly

Johnny Casey       Harry O’Connor

Tom O’Sullivan   Ted Dillon

Charlie Connolly                  Bill Carlos

Dan Kavanagh     Eamon Boland

Mick Fallon            Frank Kinlough

John Dunne          Jimmy Murray

Jarlath Canavan  Donal Keenan

Ned Mulholland                   Ownsie Hoare

Pearse Thornton                  Hugh Gibbons

Jackie Flavin         Pat McManus


Sean Thornton &

Connie O’Connor for

Dunne & McDonagh



Roscommon       Galway

Frank Glynn          Colm Browne

Larry Cum              Frank Cunniffe

J P O’Callaghan   AmbroseNestor

Bill Jackson            Din O’Sullivan

Brendan Lynch   Joe Duggan

Bill Carlos                                Johnny Casey

Willie Heavey      Tom O’Sullivan

Eamon Boland     Dan Kavanagh

Phelim Murray    Charl Connolly Frankie Kinlough Pse Thornton

Jimmy Murray      Mick Fallon

Donal Keenan      Jarlath Canavan

Derry McDermott                 Sean Thornton

Hugh Gibbons      Paddy Mitchell

Jack McQuillan    TJ Mooney


Liam Gilmartin    John Burke for for Kinlough             Casey








Roscommon       Mayo

Ownsie Hoare      Tom Byrne

Bill Jackson            Paddy Gilvarry

J P O’Callaghan   JJ McLoughlin

John Casserly       Tim Laffey

Brendan Lynch   Oliver Clarke

Bill Carlos                                Sean Flanagan

Phelim Murray    Tommy Regan

Liam Gilmartin    Henry Kenny

Eamon Bolland   Tom Langan

Derry McDermott                 Jackie Carney

Jimmy Murray      Tom Acton

Donal Keenan      Peader Kilroy

Hugh Gibbons      Josie Munnelly

Jack McQuillan    Joe Gilvarry

John Joe Nerney  Tommy Hoban


Frank Kinlough   Martin Lang for

for McDermott      Langan, J McGowan                               for Carney



Galway                    Mayo

Ned Mulholland                   Tommy Byrne Kieran Hunt               Sean Flanagan

Dinny O’Sullivan                 Richd Winters

Gerry Moloney     Paddy Gilvarry

Johnny Casey       John Forde

Joe Duggan            John Gilvarry

Jimmy Butler        Josie Munnelly

Mick Fallon            Henry Kenny

Tom O’Sullivan   Eamon Mongey

Pat McManus        Jn J McGowan

Charlie Connolly                  Josie Munnelly

Paddy Ryan          Peadar Kilroy

Sean Thornton    Johnny Mulvey

Pearse Thornton                  Joe Kilroy

Jarlath Canavan  Tommy Hoban



T J Mooney &        Tom Langan for John Dunne for     Hoban

Casey & Canavan



First game Replay ordered

Roscommon       Mayo

Gerry Dolan          Tommy Byrne

Bill Jackson            Paddy Gilvarry

John Casserly       Pop McNamara

Ownsie Hoare      Sean Flanagan

Brendan Lynch   Johnny Forde

Bill Carlos              John Gilvarry

Tom Collins           Finn Mongey

Phelim Murray    Henry Kenny

Eamon Boland     Padraig Carney

Matt Heavey          Joe Gilvarry

Jimmy Murray      Eamon Mongey

Donal Keenan      Peter Quinn

Frankie Kinlough                 Josie Munnelly

Jack McQuillan    Tom Lannagan

John Joe Fallon    Joe Kilroy

1st Connacht final broadcast live on radio by

Micheal O’Hehir from Ballinasloe



Roscommon       Mayo

Gerry Dolan          Tommy Byrne

Bill Jackson            Paddy Gilvarry

John Casserly       Pop McNamara

Ownsie Hoare      Sean Flanagan

Brendan Lynch   Johnny Forde

Bill Carlos                                John Gilvarry

Jim Quinn                                Finn Mongey

Tom Collins           Henry Kenny

Eamon Boland     Padraig Carney

Phelim Murray    PeadarKilroy

Jimmy Murray      Eamon Mongey

Donal Keenan      Joe Gilvarry

Jack McQuillan    Tom Acton

John Joe Fallon    Josie Munnelly

John Joe Nerney  Joe Kilroy


Tommy Hoban for P Kilroy.

Peter Quinn for Finn                            Mongey




Roscommon       Sligo

Gerry Dolan          B Wickham

Des Boyd                                  Jack McBrien

John Casserly       JJ Lavin

Bill Jackson            Ml Mulholland

Tom Collins           Mick Christie

Bill Carlos                                Tom Dunleavy

Brendan Lynch   Paddy Best

Mick Culhane       Jim Dooney

Eamon Boland     Frank White

Donal Keenan      J Reilly

Jimmy Murray      W Hassey

Phelim Murray    BOates

John Joe Fallon    Sean Fallon

Jack McQuillan    A Tighe

John Joe Nerney  P O’Connor




Mayo                        Galway

Tommy Byrne      Jack Mangan

Peter Quinn          Tom Connern

Paddy Prendergast Seamus O’Roarke

Sean Flanagan     Ned Condon

Johnny Forde       John Glynn

Pat McAndrew     Joe Duggan

John Gilvarry        Tom O’Sullivan

Eamon Mongey   Sean Purcell

Padraig Carney   Paddy Ryan

Billie Kenny          Pat McManus

Tom Langan          Bren Hanniffy

Liam Hastings      Jarlath Canavan

Seamus Daly         Sean Thornton

Peter Solan            Ned Keogh

Sean Mulderrig   Frk Stockwell


Joe Gilvarry for    Kieran Hunt for Kenny      Duggan

Kenny for Hastings              Pat Doherty for Glynn


Extra Time

Mayo                         Galway

Tommy Byrne      Jack Mangan

Peter Quinn          Ned Condon

Paddy Prendergast SeamusO’Roarke

Sean Flanagan     Pat Doherty

Johnny Forde       Frank Quinn

Pat McAndrew    Tom O’Sullivan

John Gilvarry        Kieran Hunt

Eamon Mongey   Sean Purcell

Padraig Carney   Paddy Ryan

Billie Kenny          Mick Greaney

Tom Langan          Brendan Hanniffy

Joe Gilvarry           Jarlath Canavan

Peter Solan            Sean Thornton

Stan Mellotte        Ned Keogh

Sean Mulderrig   Frank Stockwell


Pop McNamara for               Pat McManus

For McAndrew     Thornton

Tom Acton for Mellotte



Mayo                        Leitrim

Tommy Byrne      John Gordon

John Gilvarry        J Fox

Paddy Prendergast             James Gill

Sean Flanagan     J J Galligan

Johnny Forde       Joe Bohan

Eamon Mongey   Sean Rutledge

Sean Mulderrig   John F Heslin

Padraig Carney         HubertReynolds

Henry Dixon         Ray Beirne

Billie Kenny          Leo McAlinden

Tom Langan          Frank Mitchell

Liam Hastings      Pete Dolan

Joe Gilvarry           J Lennon

Peter Solan            Frank Quinn

Jimmy Curran      Eugene Boland


Peter Quinn for Mulderrig                 Paddy Bohan for bohan


First Connacht Final in Tuam Stadium


Mayo                        Roscommon

Sean Wynne         Ownsie Hoare

Johnny Forde       Bill McQuillan

Paddy Prendergast             Tim Lynch

Sean Flanagan     Bill Jackson

Eamon Mongey   Paddy Duignan

Henry Dixon         Brendan Lynch

John McAndrew  Frank Kelly

Padraig Carney   Gerry O’Malley

Peter Quinn          Eamon Boland

Liam Hastings           EamonDonoghue

Mick Flanagan     John Joe Fallon

Joe Gilvarry           Donal Keenan

Mick Mulderrig   Peader Kearns

Peter Solan                   Frank Kinlough

Tom Acton              John Joe Nerney


Mick Culhane for Kinlough



Mayo                        Galway

Sean Wynne         Jack Mangan

Johnny Forde       Jimmy Ward

Paddy Prendergast             Denis Egan

Sean Flanagan           SeamusO’Rourke

Joe Staunton         Peter Tierney

Henry Dixon         Tom Dillion

Peter Quinn          Iggy Hanniffy

Eamon Mongey   Sean Purcell

Paddy Irwin         John Nallen

Mick Flanagan     Liam Hanniffy

Padraig Carney   Frank Mannion

Sean Mulderrig   Tom McHugh

Mick Mulderrig   Mick Greaney

Tom Langan          Ned Keogh

Peter Solan            Frnk Stockwell


Hon Keogh for                        Hanniffy




Roscommon       Mayo

Aiden Brady         Sean Wynne

Bill McQuillan     Johnny Forde

Paddy English     Py Prendergast

Bill Jackson            Sean Flanagan

Batt Lynch              Joe Staunton

Gerry O’Malley    Henry Dixon

Frank Kelly            John McAndrew

Eamon Boland     Eamon Mongey

Eamon Donoghue                John Nallen

John Joe Nerney  Paddy Irwin

John Joe Fallon    Padraig Carney

Seamus Scanlan  Sean Mulderrig

Peader Kearns     Mick Mulderrig

Brendan Lynch   Tom Langan

Mick Shivnan       Mick Loftus


Gerry Murray &

Paddy Duignan for

Shivnan & Kearns



Roscommon       Mayo

Aiden Brady         Sean Wynne

M Rogers                                   Johnny Forde

Paddy English     Willie Casey

Bill Jackson            Sean Flanagan

Batt Lynch              Frank Fleming

Gerry O’Malley    John McAndrew

Frank Kelly            Eamon Mongey

Eamon Donoghue                Padraig Carney

Eamon Boland     John Nallen

John Joe Nerney         Seam O’Donnell

Eamon Brady       Tom Langan

Seamus Scanlon  Eddie Moriarty

Paddy Beegan     Mick Flanagan

Mick Shivnan       Peter Solan

Ned Ryan                                 Mick Mulderrig

Subs                          Subs

TP Cullen for        Joe Gilvarry for

Scanlon                   Mulderrig

Scanlon For Nerney




Galway                    Sligo

Jack Mangan         TJ Murray

Iggy Hanniffy       Ted Nealon

Sean Purcell         Frank White

Liam Mannion     Paddy Christie

Jack Kissane          Ray Tully

Tom Dillon            Nace O’Dowd

Jack Mahon            Paddy Dockery

Mick Hanley          Frank Gaffney

Frank Eivers         Ned Durkin

Tom McHugh        P McGovern

Jimmy Greally      J Cogans

Billie O’Neill         Mick Christie

Mick Greaney       P Mullen

Gerry Kirwan       Mick Gaffney

Frank Stockwell  Joe Masterson

Subs                          Subs

Mick Higgins &    Austin Briody for Cogans

Jack Higgins for

Stockwell & Hanniffy



Mayo                        Roscommon

Owen Roe O’Neill                Aiden Brady

Willie Casey          John Lynch

Paddy Prendergast             Paddy English

Sean Flanagan     Ollie Murray

Frank Flemming Batt Lynch

John McAndrew  Gerry O’Malley

Eddie Moriarty    Frank Kelly

John Nallen                   E Donoghue

Brendan McLoughlin         Seam Scanlon

Peter Solan            Des Dockery

Tom Langan          Leo English

Seamus O’Donnell               Eamon Beegan

Mick Flanagan     Seam Sharkey

Dan O’Neill           Peader Kearns

Jimmy Curran      Mick Shivnan


Eddie O’Connor for Murray, Ned Ryan for Sharkey



Galway                    Sligo

Jack Mangan         J Lee

John Keely             T Walsh

Gerry Daly             L Nagle

Tom Dillon            J McCabe

Jack Kissane          Danny Scannell

Jack Mahon            Nace O’Dowd

Mick Greally          Ray Tully

Frank Eivers         Frank Gaffney

Mattie McDonagh                 Mick Christie

Tom McHugh        B Brennan

Sean Purcell         Ned Durkin

Billie O’Neill         Paddy Christie

Joe Young                                 E Walsh

Frank Stockwell  Frank White

Gerry Kirwan       C McDonnell

Subs P Dockery for Tully

Tully for T Walsh



1st Connacht Final in

Pearse Stadium Galway


Galway                    Leitrim

Jack Mangan         Jackie Gallagher

John Keely             Frank Quinn

Gerry Daly             Tom Colreavy

Tom Dillon            Jimmy McKeon

Jack Kissane          Leo Heslin

Jack Mahon            Eddie Duffy

Mick Greally          TonyHayden

Frank Eivers         Noel Blessing

Mattie McDonagh                 Paddy O’Reilly

Jackie Coyle           Columba Cryan

Sean Purcell         Packie McGarty

Billie O’Neill         Eddie Rowely

Joe Young                                 Bernie Doyle

Frank Stockwell        Hubert Reynolds

Gerry Kirwan       Cathal Flynn


Mick Hainkshaw for





Galway                    Leitrim

Brendan Glynn   Jackie Gallagher

John Keely             Leo Heslin

John Kennedy      Tom Colreavy

Tom Dillon            Frank Quinn

Jack Kissane          Josie Murray

Jack Mahon            Berney Doyle

Mick Greally          Tony Hayden

Frank Eivers         Mick Mullen

Mattie McDonagh       Jim O’Donnell

Gerry Kirwan       Michl McGowan

Sean Purcell         Packie McGarty

Seamus Colleran                  Paddy Dolan

Jackie Coyle           Paddy O’Reilly

Frank Stockwell  Columba Cryan

Joe Young               CathaL Flynn Subs Conor Keaney for Dolan


Galway                    Leitrim

Jimmy Farrell       Jackie Gallagher

Jack Kissane          Josie Murray

Sean Meade          Tom Colreavy

Paddy Dunne      Eddie Duffy

Seamus Colleran                  Conor Keaney

Jack Mahon            Berney Doyle

Mick Greally          Tony Hayden

Mick Garrett          Mick Mullen

John Kennedy             Jim O’Donnell

Frank Eivers         Joe Dolan

Sean Purcell         Packie McGarty

Mattie McDonagh                 Paddy Dolan

Joe Young                                 Columba Cryan

Frank Stockwell  Seamus Brogan

Michael McDonagh             Cathal Flynn

Subs                          Subs

Mick Laide for      A Gallagher for Dunne                        Flynn

Jackie Coyle for     Flynn forGallagher,


John Keely for Mahon



Galway  Leitrim

Jimmy Farrell               Paud McGowan

John Kennedy      Brian Cotter

Sean Meade          Jack Reynolds

Andy O’Connor   Olly Murray

John Donnellan  Tom Colreavy

Jack Mahon            Josie Murray

Martin Newell     Tony Hayden

Frank Eivers         Seamus Brogan

George Glynn       Michl McGowan

J B McDermott     Paddy Dolan

Mattie McDonagh                 Jim O’Donnell

Pat Donnellan     Liam Foran

Joe Young                                 Columba Cryan

Sean Purcell         Packie McGarty

Frank Kyne            Cathal Flynn


Mick Greally for




Roscommon       Galway

Aiden Brady         Jimmy Farrell

John Joe Breslin  John Keely

John Lynch            Andy O’Connor

John Oliver Moran               Jack Mahon

Tony White           Gene O’Driscoll

Gerry O’Malley    John Donnellan

Tom Mulvey          Martin Newell

Des “Cryan” Dockery          Mick Reynolds

George Geraghty                   Mick Garrett

Des Feeley             Cyril Dunne

Eamon Curley      Matt McDonagh

Don Feely                                 Pat Donnellan

Peter Watson        Joe Young

Mick Shivnan       Sean Purcell

Tony Kenny          John Keenan

Subs                          Sub

Tom Flanagan for CryanTony Ryan for O’Driscoll

Cryan for Flanagan

PJ Shine for Mulvey



Roscommon                         Galway

Aiden Brady                           Brendan Glynn

John Joe Breslin                    Enda Colleran

John Oliver Moran               Sean Meade

John Lynch                              Martin Newell

Ronan Creaven                     John Donnellan

Gerry O’Malley                      Tom Magee

Gerry O’Reilly                        John Bosco McDermott

Bernie Kyne                            Mick Garrett

John Kelly                                Matt McDonagh

Des Feely                                  Pat Donnellan

Eamon Curley                        Frank Eivers

Tony White                             Seamus Leydon

Don Feely                                 Cyril Dunne

Cyril Mahon                            Sean Purcell

Brian Mitchell                        Brian Geraghty

Subs                                            Sub

PJ Shine for Creaven          Mick Reynolds for

Tony Kenny for Mitchell   Eivers



Galway                    Leitrim

Michael Moore     Paud McGowan

Sean Meade          Jack Faughnan

Noel Tierney        Jim Lynch

Martin Newell     Padg McGloin

John Donnellan  Paddy Guckian

Enda Colleran     Josie Murray

John B McDermott                Kevin O’Malley

Mck Garrett            Mick Kelly

Mick Reynolds     Ferg O’Rourke

Cyril Dunne          Tom Grey

Mattie McDonagh                 Kev McGowan

Seamus Leydon   Packie McGarty

Sean Cleary           Dermot Gannon

Sean Concannon                  Liam Foran

Pat Donellan        Cathal Flynn


Frank Beirne for Guckian

Tony Hayden       for McGloin



Galway                                      Mayo

Johnny Geraghty                                    John McGuinness

Enda Colleran                       Willie Casey

Noel Tierney                          Vincent Nally

J B McDermott                        Brendan Reape

John Donnellan                   Eamon Walsh

Sean Meade                            Mick Wallace

Marin Newell                         Patsy Griffin

Mick Garrett                            PJ Loftus

Mick Reynolds                       John Morley

Cyril Dunne                            Joe Langan

Mattie McDonagh                 John Farragher

Seamus Leydon                     M Connaughton

Christy Tyrrell                       Frank McDonald

Sean Cleary                             Mick Ruane

John Keenan                           Davy Doris

Sub C Hanley                                                              for Reape



Galway                                      Sligo

Johnny Geraghty                                    Noel Mullaney

John Bosco McDermott       Padraig Keane

Noel Tierney                          Jim Killoran

Sean Meade                            Gerry McManus

John Donnellan                    Sean Durcan

Enda Colleran                       Cathal Cawley

Martin Newell                       Liam Caffrey

Pat Donnellan                       Brendan McCauley

Mick Reynolds                       Bill Shannon

Cyril Dunne                            Mick Marren

Mattie McDonagh                 Danny McHugh

Seamus Leydon                     Mickey Kearns

Christy Tyrrell                       Joe Hannon

Sean Cleary                             Mick Durcan

John Keenan                           Niall Farry

Sub                                              Sub

Mick Garret for Reynolds P Brennan                                                                    for Hannon


Galway                                   Mayo

Michael Moore                   John McGuinness

Enda Colleran                    John Carey

Noel Tierney                       Ray Prendergast

John Bosco McDermott   Vincent Nally

John Donnellan                 Willie Loftus

Tom Brennan                     John Morley

Tom Sands                           Seamus O’ Connor

Pat Donnellan                    Mick Connaughton

Mick Reynolds                    Joe Langan

Cyril Dunne                        Pat Kilbane

John Keenan                       John Gibbons

Seamus Leydon                 Joe Corcoran

Liam Sammon                     Vincent Jordan

Mattie McDonagh             PJ Ruddy

Jimmy Duggan                   Mick Ruane

Subs:                                       Subs:

Sean Meade for                  Davy Doris for Jordan

Brennan                                Tony Loftus for Ruane



Mayo                                       Leitrim

Malachy Gallagher           Michael McTiernan

John Carey                           Frank Beirne

Ray Prendergast               Joe Leydon

Seamus O’Connor             Paddy Guckian

Joe Earley                             Mickey Colreavy

John Morley                         Fergus O’Rourke

Martin Flatley                     Danny O’Grady

PJ Loftus                                Michael Martin

Willie Loftus                        Terry Blessing

Seamus O’Dowd                Michael Keane

Joe Langan                           Packie McCarty

Joe Corcoran                        Paddy Dolan

John Nealon                        Ben Wynne

Mick Ruane                          Kevin McGowan

Johnny Farragher             Colm McGowan


P McGowan for O’Grady

Tommy Moran for Wynne



Galway                                   Mayo

Johnny Geraghty               Eugene Rooney

Enda Colleran                    John Carey

Noel Tierney                       Ray Prendergast

Noel Colleran                     Seamus O’Connor

Liam O’Neill                        Joe Early

Tom Brennan                     John Morley

Colleen McDonagh          Martin Flatley

John Keenan                       PJ Loftus

Jimmy Duggan                   Joe Langan

Cyril Dunne                        Seamus O’Dowd

Frank Canavan                  Johnny Farragher

Seamus Leydon                 Joe Corcoran

Liam Sammon                     Willie McGee

Mattie McDonagh             Mick Ruane

Sean Cleary                         John Nealon

Sub                                           Subs

John Donnellan for          Willie Loftus for Early

Brennan                                Jim Flemming for O’Connor                  Tom Fitzgerald for                                 Nealon



Drawn Game

Mayo                                       Galway

Eugene Rooney                 Michael Moore

John Carey                           Enda Colleran

Ray Prendergast               Jack Cosgrove

Kevin Jordan                       Noel Colleran

Joe Early                                Liam O’Neill

John Morley                         Miko Ferrick

Ray Niland                           Coleen McDonagh

PJ Loftus                                Jimmy Duggan

Tom Fitzgerald                  Pat Donnellan

M McIntyre                           Liam Sammon

Seamus O’Dowd                Joe McLoughlin

Joe Corcoran                        Seamus Leydon

Willie McGee                       Michael Meade

Joe Langan                           Cyril Dunne

Des Griffith                          John Keenan

Sub                                           Sub

John Nealon for                 Frank Canavan for                  McIntyre                 Donnellan

Gay Nevin for Niland


1969 Replay

Mayo                                       Galway

Eugene Rooney                 Michael Moore

John Carey                           Tom Brennan

Ray Prendergast               Jack Cosgrove

Kevin Jordan                       Noel Colleran

Joe Early                                Liam O’Neill

John Morley                         Miko Ferrick

Tom Kean                             Pat Donnellan

PJ LoftusJimmy Duggan

Tom Fitzgerald                  John Keenan

Des Griffith                          Liam Sammon

Seamus O’Dowd                Frank Canavan

Joe Corcoran                        Seamus Leydon

Willie McGee                       Cyril Meade

Joe Langan                           Cyril Dunne

John Nealon                        Tommy Keenan


Gay Nevin for Tom Kean



First Connacht Final. Televised 80 mins.

Galway                                   Roscommon

Gay Mitchell                        Johnny Neill

Enda Colleran                    Willie Feely

Noel Colleran                     Eamon Beades

Brendan Colleran            Tony Mahon

Miko Ferrrick                      Gerry Mannion

Liam O’Neill                        Adrian O’Sullivan

Coleen McDonagh            Tom Heneghan

Billie Joyce                           Dermot Earley

Pat Donnellan                    John O’Connor

Liam Sammon                     Mel Flanagan

Joe McLoughlin                  Mick Fallon

Tommy Kennan                 M J Keane

Seamus Leydon                 Mick Freyne

Cyril Dunne                        Jimmy Cox

John Keenan                       John Kelly

Sub                                           Sub

Jimmy Duggan for            Billie O’Hara for Cox

Leydon, Frank

Canavan for Duggan



Match Drawn

Galway                                   Sligo

PJ Smith                                 Tom Cummins

Brendan Colleran            Tom Colleary

Jack Cosgrove                      John Brennan

Noel Colleran                     Aidan Caffrey

Liam O’Neill                        John Gilmartin

T J Gilmore                           Cathal Cawley

Coleen McDonagh            Jim Kilgannon

Liam Sammon                     Barnes Murphy

Jimmy Duggan                   Sean Davey

Pat Burke                              Hugh Quinn

Joe McLoughlin                  David Pugh

Mick Rooney                        Mickey Kearns

Emmet Farrell                    Matty Brennan

Frank Canavan                  Peter Brennan

Seamus Leydon                 Gerry Mitchell

Sub                                           Subs

Billy Joyce for Burke        Jim Colleary for M Brennan

Denis Connolly for Pugh




Galway                                   Sligo

PJ Smith                                 Tom Cummins

Brendan Colleran            John Gilmartin

Jack Cosgrove                      John Brennan

Noel Colleran                     Aidan Caffrey

Liam O’Neill                        Matty Brennan

TJ Gilmore                            Cathal Cawley

Coleen McDonagh            Jim Kilgannon

Liam Sammon                     Tom Colleary

Billie Joyce                           Sean Davey

Jimmy Duggan                   David Pugh

Joe McLoughlin                  Jim Colleary

Mick Rooney                        Mickey Kearns

Emmett Farrell                   Gerry Mitchell

Frank Canavan                  Peter Brennan

Seamus Leydon                 Hugh Quinn

Sub                                           Sub

Miko Ferrick for Rooney    Aiden Richardson for                           Davey



Roscommon                     Mayo

Johnny Neill                        J J Costello

Harry Keegan                     Michael Begley

Pat Lindsay                          Ray Prendergast

Tom Heneghan                  Tom Kean

Gerry Mannion                  Mick Higgins

Adrian O’Sullivan            John Carey

John Kerrane                      Brian O’Reilly

Gerry Beirne                       Sean O’Grady

Dermot Earley                    John Morley

Jimmy Mannion                 Tom Fitzgerald

John Kelly                             Sean Kilbride

Tom Hunt                             Des Griffith

Mel Flanagan                      Tommy O’Malley

Mick Freyne                         Willie McGee

Jimmy Finnegan                JJ Cribben

Sub                                           Subs

Mick Fallon                          Frank Burns for Carey

for J Mannion                      Joe Corcoran for Griffith

J Mannion for Finnegan    John Gibbons for Burns



Galway                                   Mayo

Gay Mitchell                        J J Costello

Joe Waldron                        Michael Begley

Jack Cosgrove                      John Carey

Brendan Colleran            John O’Mahony

Liam O’Neill                        Mick Higgins

TJ Gilmore                            Frank Burns

Johnny Hughes                  Ger Feeney

Billie Joyce                           Sean Kilbride

Jimmy Duggan                   John Morley

Maurice Burke                   Tommy O’Malley

Liam Sammon                     Tom Fitzgerald

Mick Rooney                        John P Kean

Johnny Coughlan             John Gibbons

Tom Naughton                   Willie McGee

John Tobin                           Joe Corcoran


Ray Niland for Begley

M Gannon for Kean

Sean O’Grady for                      Fitzgerald



Galway                                   Roscommon

Gay Mitchell                        John McDermott

Joe Waldron                        Harry Keegan

Jack Cosgrove                      Pat Lindsay

Michael Geraghty             Gerry Mannion

Liam O’Neill                        Tony Regan

T J Gilmore                           Dave Watson

Johnny Hughes                  John Kerrane

Liam Sammon                     Gerry Beirne

Billie Joyce                           John O’Gara

Coleen McDonagh            John Kelly

Jimmy Duggan                   Dermot Earley

Jarlath Burke                      Michael McNamara

Pat Sands                              Tom Heneghan

Tom Naughton                   Mick Freyne

John Tobin                           Jimmy Finnegan

Subs                                         Subs

John Dillon for Waldron Christy Dolan for


Morgan Hughes for         Jimmy Mannion for

Sammon                                Beirne

Brendan Corbett for        Hugh Griffin for

McDonagh                            McNamara





1975 Drawn Game

Sligo                                        Mayo

Tom Cummins                    Ivan Heffernan

Bobby Lipsett                      John O’Mahony

John Brennan                     T J Farragher

Aiden Caffrey                     Seamus Reilly

Mattie Brennan                 Ger Feeney

Barnes Murphy                 Con Moynihan

Paddy Henry                      Mick Higgins

Tom Colleary                      Frank Burns

John Stenson                       Eamon Brett

Mick Laffey                           Tommy O’Malley

Mattie Hoey                         J P Kean

Frank Henry                        Ted Webb

Des Kearns                           Willie Magee

Mickey Kearns                    Sean Kilbride

James Kearns                      Ger Farragher

Subs                                         Subs

Tom Carroll for                  Des McGrath for Brett

J Brennan

Benny Wilkinson for





Sligo                                        Mayo

Tom Cummins                    Ivan Heffernan

Bobby Lipsett                      John O’Mahony

John Brennan                     Seamus Reilly

Tom Carroll                         T J Farragher

Mattie Brennan                 Ger Feeney

Barnes Murphy                 Con Moynihan

Paddy Henry                      Mick Higgins

John Stenson                       Frank Burns

Tom Colleary                      Des McGrath

Mick Laffey                           Tommy O’Malley

Mattie Hoey                         J P Kean

Frank Henry                        Ted Webb

Des Kearns                           Willie McGee

Mickey Kearns                    Sean Kilbride

James Kearns                      Ger Farragher

Sub                                           Subs

Benny Wilkinson for       John Culkin for

Laffey                                      O’Mahony

Mick Higgins for Burns




Match Drawn

Galway                                   Roscommon

Gay Mitchell                        Gerry O’Dowd

Liam O’Neill                        John Kerrane

John Dillon                          Pat Lindsay

Mick Judge                           Tom Heneghan

Brendan Colleran            Mickey Menton

TJ Gilmore                            Harry Keegan

Seamus McHugh               Tony Regan

Billie Joyce                           Gerry Beirne

Declan Smyth                     Mick Freyne

Tom Naughton                   John O’Connor

Jimmy Duggan                   John O’Gara

Johnny Hughes                  Tom Donnellan

Brian Talty                           Jimmy Finnegan

Joe McLoughlin                  Patsy Cox

John Tobin                           John Kelly

Subs                                         Subs

Kevin Clancy for Colleran                  Danny Murray for Iomar Barrett for               Finnegan


Francis Rushe for              Eamon McManus for Gilmore              Beirne



Galway                                   Roscommon

Gay Mitchell                        Gerry O’Dowd

Liam O’Neill                        John Kerrane

John Dillon                          Pat Lindsay

Mick Judge                           Tom Heneghan

Johnny Hughes                  Mickey Menton

TJ Gilmore                            Harry Keegan

Seamus McHugh               Tony Regan

Billie Joyce                           Mick Freyne

Declan Smyth                     Gerry Beirne

Tom Naughton                   John O’Connor

Jimmy Duggan                   John O’Gara

Kevin Clancy                       Tom Donnellan

Iomar Barrett                      Hugh Griffin

Joe McLoughlin                  John Kelly

John Tobin                           Eamon McManus


Gerry Mannion for Menton

Jimmy Finnegan for                Beirne,

Mickey McNamara for Donnellan


Roscommon                     Galway

Gerry O’Dowd                    Gay Mitchell

Harry Keegan                     Liam O’Neill

Pat Lindsay                          John Dillon

Tom Heneghan                  Mick Judge

Tom Donnellan                 Pat O’Neill

Richard O’Beirne              Brendan Corbett

Danny Murray                   Johnny Hughes

Martin McDermot             TJ Gilmore

Eamon McManus              Billie Joyce

Dermot Earley                    Liam Sammon

Mick Freyne                         Brian Talty

Tony McManus                  Tom Naughton

John O’Connor                   John Tobin

Patsy Cox                              Jimmy Duggan

Mickey Menton                  Gay McManus

Subs                                         Subs

Michael Keegan for          Declan Smith

Heneghan                            forSammon

Kevin Clancy for Tobin

John O’Gara for McDermott               Iomar Barrett for P O’Neill

Martin Dolphin for Cox




Roscommon                     Galway

Gay Sheeran                        Gay Mitchell

Harry Keegan                     Tom Heavey

Pat Lindsay                          Mick Judge

Tom Heneghan                  Seamus McHugh

Eamon McManus              Pat O’Neill

Tom Donnellan                 TJ Gilmore

Danny Murray                   Johnny Hughes

Dermot Earley                    Paul McGettigan

John O’Gara                         Billy Joyce

Sean Kilbride                      Stephen Joyce

Mick Freyne                         Jimmy Duggan

Mickey Menton                  Brian Talty

Michael Finneran             Tom Naughton

Tony McManus                  Gay McManus

John O’Connor                   Stephen Ruane

Subs                                         Subs

Martin Dolphin                 Stephen Kinneavy

For O’ Gara                           for Hughes

Larry O’Gara for Kilbride

Michael Keegan for          John Flynn for Gilmore

Dolphin                                 Pat Sands for Ruane



Roscommon                     Mayo

John McDermott                Michael Webb

Harry Keegan                     Stephen Minogue

Pat Lindsay                          Jim Timoney

Tom Heneghan                  Stephen Sweeney

Gerry Fitzmaurice            Henry Gavin

Tom Donnellan                 Billy Diskin

Danny Murray                   Adrian Garvey

Dermot Earley                    Kieran Kenny

Seamus Hayden                Willie Joe Padden

John O’Connor                   L O’Donoghue

John O’Gara                         Willie Nally

Sean Kilbride                      Martin Carney

Tony McManus                  Gabriel Cuddy

Mick Freyne                         J P Kean

Eamon McManus              Joe McGrath

Sub                                           Subs

Mick Finneran for             Michael Gavin for Hayden  Garvey

Tommy O’Malley

for Cuddy



Roscommon                     Mayo

Gay Sheerin                         Michael Webb

Harry Keegan                     Michael Gavin

Pat Lindsay                          Stephen Minouge

Gerry connellan                Michael O’Toole

Gerry Fitzmaurice            Henry Gavin

Tom Donnellan                 Billy Diskin

Danny Murray                   Ger Feeney

Dermot Earley                    Danny Dolan

Seamus Hayden                TJ Kilgallon

John O’Connor                   Martin Carney

John O’Gara                         Jimmy Maughan

Aidan Dooley                      Ger Farragher

Mick Finneran                    Tommy O’Malley

Tony McManus                  Jimmy Burke

Eamon McManus              Joe McGrarth


Gabriel Cuddy for                                      Farragher,

John Gallagher for Minouge

Willie Joe Padden for            O’Malley


Mayo                                       Sligo

Michael Webb                     John Murphy

Michael Gavin                    Christy Murphy

Anthony Egan                    Declan Foley

Adrian Garvey                    Francie Finan

Henry Gavin                        Mattie Brennan

Tom Kearney                      Mick Laffey

Michael O’Toole                Paddy Henry

Willie Joe Padden            Martin McCarrick

Willie Nally                         John STenson

Jimmy Lyons                        James Kearns

Jimmy Maughan                Shane Durcan

Martin Carney                    John Kent

Tom Reilly                            Anthony Brennan

Jimmy Burke                       P J Kavanagh

Joe McGrath                         Eddie McHale

Subs                                         Subs

Tommy O’Malley               Tom Carroll for Finan

for Nally

Ger Feeney for Carney   Mattie Hoey for Durkin

Jim Kent for Hoey


Galway                                   Mayo

Padraig Coyne                   Michael Webb

Padraig Moran                  Michael Gavin

Stephen Kinneavy           John Gallagher

Mattie Coleman                 Michael O’Toole

Pat O’Neill                            Henry Gavin

Tomas Tierney                   Tom Kearney

Seamus McHugh               Martin Connolly

Brian Talty                           T J Kilgallon

Pat Conneely                      Willie Joe Padden

Barry Brennan                   Jimmy Lyons

Val Daly                                 Jimmy Maughan

Richie Lee                             Martin Carney

Tom Naughton                   Tommy Reilly

Gay McManus                     Jimmy Burke

Stephen Joyce                     Eugene McHale

Subs                                         Subs

Padraig Conroy for          Aiden Garvey for Conneely                  Connolly

Billie Joyce for Lee            Anthony Egan for Gallagher

John Coleman for Joyce




Galway                                   Mayo

Padraig Coyne                   Michael Webb

Johnny Hughes                  Michael Gavin

Stephen Kinneavy           Anthony Egan

Mattie Coleman                 Dermot Flanagan

Pat O’Neill                            Henry Gavin

Peter Lee                               Tom Kearney

Seamus McHugh               Martin Connolly

Brian Talty                           Willie Joe Padden

Richie Lee                             T J Kilgallon

Barry Brennan                   Ger Geraghty

Val Daly                                 Martin Carney

Brian O’Donnell                Kevin McStay

Padraig Kelly                      Pat Dixon

Gay McManus                     Jimmy Lyons

Stephen Joyce                     Richie Bell

Subs                                         Subs

Pat Conneely for R Lee   Padraig Duffy for Carney

Tom Naughton for P Kelly Padraig Brogan for


Tom Byrne for Bell



Galway                                   Mayo

Pat Comer                             Michael Webb

Joe Kelly                                John Monaghan

Stephen Kinneavy           Peter Forde

Seamus McHugh               John Maughan

Pat O’Neill                            Martin Connolly

Peter Lee                               Dermot Flanagan

Mattie Coleman                 Frank Noone

Brian Talty                           Sean Maher

Tomas Tierney                   Willie Joe Padden

Michael Brennan              Ger Geraghty

Brian O’Donnell                Henry Gavin

Padraig Kelly                     Anthony Finnerty

Stephen Joyce                     Tom Byrne

Gay McManus                     Jimmy Burke

Kevin Clancy                       Kevin McStay

Subs                                            Subs

Padraig Moran for Lee   Padraig Brogan for                                   Finnerty

Val Daly for Kevin Clancy                  Martin Carney for Burke

Richie Lee for Pat O’Neill John Finn for Connolly



Mayo                                       Roscommon

Eugene Lavin                     Gay Sheerin

Martin Carney                    Harry Keegan

Peter Forde                          Pat Lindsay

Dermot Flanagan              Gerry Connellan

Frank Noone                       Adrian Garvey

John Maughan                   Gerry Fitzmaurice

John Finn                              Paul Hickey

TJ Kilgallon                          Seamus Hayden

Willie Joe Padden            Seamus Killoran

Henry Gavin                        Dermot Earley

Jimmy Burke                       Tony McManus

Noel Durcan                        Padraig McNeill

Kevin McStay                      Tom óg O’Brien

Sean Lowry                          Paul Earley

Eugene McHale                 Eamon McManus

Subs                                             Subs

Padraig Brogan for Gavin                  Gary Wynne for Keegan

Des McGrath for Brogan    Pat Gaynor for Garvey

Billie Fitzpatrick for        Sean McNeill for Hayden




Galway                                   Roscommon

Pat Comer                             Gay Sheerin

John Fallon                          Harry Keegan

Seamus McHugh               Pat Doorey

Gerry Dolan                         Fran Nicholson

Enda Guerin                       Paul Hickey

Thomas Tierney                Gerry Fitzmaurice

Aodan O’Shea                     Danny Murray

Brian Talty                           Seamus Killoran

Val Daly                                 Padraig McNeill

Rory Fahy                             Eamon McManus

Gay McManus                     John Kelly

Padraig Kelly                     Eamon McManus

Barry Brennan                   Tom óg OBrien

Brian O’Donnell                Paul Earley

Michael Brennan              Adrian Garvey

Subs                                            Subs

Mattie Coleman for          John Newton for Kelly


Richie Flaherty for Fahy

Stephen Joyce for              Pat Gaynor for Keegan





Galway                                   Mayo

Pat Comer                             Eugene Lavin

John Fallon                          Martin Carney

Frank Broderick                Jimmy Browne

Seamus McHugh               Dermot Flanagan

Alan Mulholland              Frank Noone

Tomas Tierney                   John Maughan

Mattie Coleman                 John Finn

Brian Talty                           T J Kilgallon

Hugh Bleahen                    Willie Joe Padden

John Joyce                             Noel Durcan

Val Daly                                 Denis Kearney

Padraig Kelly                      Padraig Brogan

Stephen Joyce                     Kevin McStay

Brian O’Donnell                Liam McHale

Gay McManus                     Liam Niland

Subs                                            Subs

Padraig Larkin for Kelly   Michael Collins for Noel Mannion for Larkin               Noone

Conor O’Dea for McManus Mark Butler for


Tom Byrne for Butler



Mayo                                       Roscommon

Eugene Lavin                     Gay Sheerin

Jimmy Browne                   Garry Wynne

Michael Collins                  Pat Doorey

Denis Kearney                   Des Newton

Frank Noone                       Paul Hickey

Dermot Flanagan              Mattie Reilly

John Finn                              Michael Donlon

TJ Kilgallon                          John Newton

Sean Maher                         Seamus Killorran

Mark Butler                         Joey Connaughton

Liam Mchale                        Paul Earley

Noel Durkin                        Eamon McManus

Tom Reilly                            John Kelly

Tom Morgan                        Tony McManus

Martin Carney                    Tom Lennon

Subs                                         Subs

Jimmy Burke for Morgan  Eamon McManus for Lennon

Willie Joe Padden

for Carney              Benny Flynn for Kelly

Donal Brady for McManus



Match Drawn

Mayo                                       Roscommon


Gabriel Irwin                      Gay Sheerin

Jimmy Brown                      Gary Wynne

Peter Forde                          John Dowd

Denis Kearney                   Des Newton

Frank Noone                       Donal Brady

John Finn                              Padraig McNeill

Dermot Flanagan              Mattie Reilly

Sean Maher                         Seamus Killoran

Willie Joe Padden            John Newton

Michael Fitzmaurice       Joey Connaughton

Liam McHale                       Eamon McManus

Noel Durcan                        Vincent Glennon

Kevin McStay                      Michael Donlon

Jimmy Burke                       Paul Earley

Anthony Finnerty             Tony McManus

Subs                                         Subs

Michael Collins for Forde                   Paul Hickey for Reilly

T J Kilgallon for Durkan    Pat Dooey for Dowd

Martin Carney for Maher







Mayo                                       Roscommon

Gabriel Irwin                      Gay Sheerin

Jimmy Browne                   Gary Wynne

Peter Forde                          John Dowd

Dermot Flanagan              Des Newton

Frank Noone                       Jody Connaughton

TJ Kilgallon                          Padraig McNeill

John Finn                              Mattie Reilly

Sean Maher                         Seamus Kiloran

Liam McHale                       John Newton

Ray Dempsey                      Donal Brady

Willie Joe Padden            Eamon McManus Noel Durkin            Vincent Glennon

Michael Fitzmaurice       Michael Donlon

Jimmy Burke                       Paul Earley

Kevin McStay                      Tony McManus

Subs                                             Subs

Michael Collins for Noone Pat Doorey for Earley

Anthony Finnerty for Durkin Earley for Donlon

Martin Carney for Dempsey Paul Hickey for


Mickey Feeney for Brown     Tom óg O’Brien for


Brian Kilkelly for Carney

MJ Mullen for McStay



Roscommon                     Galway

Paul Staunton                    Pat Comer

Gary Wynne                        Brian Silke

Pat Doorey                           Ger O’Farrell

Des Newton                         Francis McWalter

Joey Connaughton           John Fallon

Donal Brady                        Alan Mulholland

Paul Hickeey                       Aodain O’Shea

Seamus Killoran                Brian Moylan

John Newton                       Hugh Bleahen

Tommy Grehan                  Conor O’Dea

Eamon McManus              Val Daly

Anthony Leyland              Tomas Mannion

Tom Lennon                        Tomas Kilcommins

Paul Earley                          Declan Croucher

Tony McManus                  Fergal O’Neill

Subs                                         Subs

Vincent Glennon for        Padraig Fallon for Silke

Grehan                                  Padraig O’Dea for


Padraig McNeill for         Brian Barrett for Conor Leyland        O’Dea



Match Drawn

Roscommon                     Mayo

Gay Sheerin                         Eugene Lavin

Des Newton                         Denis Kearney

Pat Doorey                           Michael Collins

Enon Gavin                          Dermot Flanagan

Joey Connaughton           Peter Butler

Paul Hickey                         Tomas Tierney

Mattie Reilly                        John Finn

Seamus Killoran                TJ Kilgallon

John Newton                       Colm McManamon

Anthony Leyland              Paul McStay

Tony McManus                  Liam McHale

Eamon McManus              Noel Durkin

Michael Donlon                 Michael Fitzmaurice

Paul Earley                          Tony Morley

Derek Duggan                    Ray Dempsey

Subs                                            Subs

Tommy Grehan                  Frank Noone for

Leyland                                 Kearney

Willie Joe Padden for Fitzmaurice

Vincent Glennon for        Sean Maher for Kilgallon

E McManus





Roscommon                     Mayo

Gay Sheerin                         Eugene Lavin

Des Newton                         Anthony McGarry

Pat Doorey                           Peter Forde

Enon Gavin                          Dermot Flanagan

Joey Connaughton           Peter Butler

Paul Hickey                         Tomas Tierney

Mattie Reilly                        John Finn

Seamus Killoran                Liam McHale

John Newton                       TJ Kilgallon

Tommy Grehan                  Michael Fitzmaurice

Tony McManus                  Colm McManamon

Vincent Glennon               Noel Durkin

Michael Donlon                 Tony Morley

Paul Earley                          Paul McStay

Derek Duggan                    Ray Dempsey

Sub                                                    Subs

Eamon McManus for Dillon   Willie Joe Padden

For McManamon

Anthony Finnerty for Morley



Mayo                                       Roscommon

Gabriel Irwin                      Gay Sheerin

Kevin Berine                       Des Newton

Peter Forde                          Pat Doorey

Dermot Flanagan              Enon Gavin

Anthony McGarry             Joey Connaughton

Tomas Tierney                   David O’Connor

Peter Butler                         Mattie Reilly

Sean Maher                         Seamus Killoran

TJ Kilgallon                          John Newton

Jarlath Jennings                Vincent Glennon

Liam McHale                       Eamon McManus

Tony Morley                        Tommy Grehan

Brian Kilkelly                     Paul Earley

Ray Dempsey                      Tony McManus

Anthony Finnerty             Derek Duggan

Subs                                                 Subs

Kevin Staunton for Maher   Damien Dolan for


Padraig Brogan for Kilkelly Shane Curran for




Mayo                                       Roscommon

Gabriel Irwin                      Gay Sheerin

Kevin Beirne                       Leo Shell

Kevin Cahill                        Enon Gavin

Dermot Flanagan              Joey Connaughton

Anthony McGarry             Damien Donlon

Pat Holmes                           Tommy Grehan

John Finn                              Mattie Reilly

Liam McHale                       Seamus Killoran

Sean Maher                         John Newton

Kevin Oneill                        Don Connellan

Kevin Staunton                  Paul Earley

Tony Morley                        Tom Ryan

Noel Durkin                        Eamon McManus

Ray Dempsey                      Lorcan Dowd

PJ Loftus                                Derek Duggan

Subs                                         Subs

TJ Kilgallon for Finn        Martin Fallon for


Anthony Finnerty for Loftus             Vincent

Glennon for Ryan

Tomas Tierney for Morley




Leitrim                                 Mayo

Martin McHugh                 Barry Heffernan

Joe Honeyman                    Anthony McGarry

Seamus Quinn                   Kevin Cahill

Fergal Reynolds                Gary Ruane

Noel Moran                          Pat Holmes

Declan Darcy                      Michael Coleman

Gerry Flanagan                  Peter Butler

Pat Donoghue                    Pat Fallon

Mickey Quinn                     Kevin Staunton

Aidan Rooney                     Kevin O’Neill

George Dugdale                Colm McManamon

Paul Kiernan                      Tony Morley

Colin McGlynn                   John Conmy

Padraig Kenny                   Liam McHale

Liam Conlon                        Kevin Lydon

Subs                                         Subs

Jason Ward for Dugdale   Johnny Casey for


Barry Breen for Liam Conlon           Ronan Golding

for Conmy

Kieran McDonald for



Galway                                   Mayo

Cathal McGinley                Barry Heffernan

John Kilraine                      Kenneth Mortimer

Gary Fahy                             Kevin Cahill

Kevin Fallon                        Gary Ruane

Ray Silke                               Anthony McGarry

Damien Mitchell               James Nallen

Sean óg De Paor                Tony Corcoran

Fergal Gavin                        Pat Fallon

Tomas Mannion                Colm McManamon

Jarlath Fallon                      Paul Cunney

Kevin Walsh                        Ray Dempsey

Tommy Wilson                   Liam Niland

Niall Finnegan                   Diarmuid Byrne

Val Daly                                 John Casey

Fergal Oneill                       Kevin O’Neill

Sub                                           Subs

Alan Mulholland `            Michael Coleman for

for Mannion                        Corcoran

Padraig Brogan for


Maurice Sheridan for




Mayo                                       Galway

John Madden                      Cathal McGinley

Kenneth Mortimer           John Kilraine

Kevin Cahill                        Gary Fahy

Anthony McGarry             Kevin Fallon

Pat Holmes                           Alan Mulholland

James Nallen                       Ian O’Donoghue

Noel Connelly                    Sean óg De Paor

Liam McHale                       Fergal Gavin

David Brady                        Austin Leonard

James Horan                        Fergal O’Neill

Colm McManamon           Shay Walsh

Maurice Sheridan            Declan Meehan

Anthony Finnerty             Tomas Mannion

John Casey                           Jarlath Fallon

Ray Dempsey                      Niall Finnegan

Subs                                            Subs

PJ Loftus for James Horan                   Kevin Walsh

for Shay Walsh

Val Daly for JA Fallon

Tommie Wilson for





Mayo                                       Sligo

Peter Burke                         Pat Kilcoyne

Kenneth Mortimer           Mark Cosgrove

Pat Holmes                           Colin White

Dermot Flanagan              Nial Carrew

Fergal Costello                   Bernie Mulhern

James Nallen                       Nigel Clancy

Noel Connelly                    Bernard Kilcoyne

Liam McHale                       Paul Durcan

Pat Fallon                             Dermot Keavany

David Nestor                       Ken Kileen

James Horan                        Eamon O’Hara

Maurice Sheridan            Brian Walsh

Kieran McDonald             Des Sloyan

John Casey                           Paul Taylor

Ronan Golding                   Gerry McGowan

Subs                                            Subs

Kevin Oneill for Golding  David Durkan for


Diarmuid Byrne for Fallon                Sean Davey for


Eamon Cawley for



1998 Drawn Game

Galway                                   Roscommon

Martin McNamara            Derek Thompson

Tomas Meehan                  Denis Gavin

Gary Fahy                             Damien Donlon

Tomas Mannion                Enon Gavin

Ray Silke                               Ciaran Heneghan

John Dikilly                         Clifford McDonald

Sean óg De Paor                Michael Ryan

Kevin Walsh                        Gerry Keane

Sean O’Domhnaill            Tom Ryan

Declan Meehan                 Don Connellan

Michael Donnellan          Fergal O’Donnell

Jarlath Fallon                      Eddie Lohan

Derek Savage                      Tommy Grehan

Padraig Joyce                      Nigel Dineen

Niall Finnegan                   Lorcan Dowd

Subs                                                               Subs

Tommy Joyce for O’Domhnaill         Jason Neary

for Keane

Shay Walsh for Declan Meehan      Vincent

Glennon for



Replay Extra Time

Galway                                   Roscommon

Martin McNamara            Derek Thompson

Tomas Meehan                  Denis Gavin

Gary Fahy                             Damien Donlon

Tomas Mannion                Enon Gavin

Ray Silke                               Ciaran Heneghan

John Divilly                         Clifford McDonald

Sean Og De Paor               Michael Ryan

Kevin Walsh                        Gerry Keane

Sean O’Domhnaill            Tom Ryan

Tommy Joyce                       Don Connellan

Jarlath Fallon                      Fergal O’Donnell

Michael Donnellan          Eddie Lohan

Derek Savage                      Tommy Grehan

Padraig Joyce                      Nigel Dineen

Niall Finnegan                   Lorcan Dowd

Subs                                            Subs

Damien Mitchell for Divilly              Derek Duggan

for Grehan

Shay Walsh for Tommy Joyce           Vincent

Glennon for T Ryan

Extra Time

Fergal Quinn for Kevin Walsh         Tommy

Grehan for Duggan



Mayo                                       Galway

Peter Burke                         Martin McNamara

Aidan Higgins                    Tomas Meehan

Kevin Cahill                        Damian Mitchell

Gordon Morley                   Tomas Mannion

Fergal Costello                   Ray Silke

David Heaney                    John Divilly

Alan Roche                           Sean óg De Paor

James Nallen                       Kevin Walsh

David Brady                        Sean O’Domhnaill

Colm McManamon           Michael Donnellan

James Horan                        Jarlath Fallon

Kenneth Mortimer           Niall Finnegan

Maurice Sheridan            Derek Savage

John Casey                           Padraig Joyce

David Nestor                       John Donnellan

Subs                                            Subs

Pat Fallon for McManamon               Paul Clancy

for John Donnellan

Kieran McDonald for Casey



Galway                                   Leitrim

Martin McNamara            Gareth Phelan

Tomas Meehan                  Derek Kelleher

Gary Fahy                             John McKeon

Ray Silke                               Michael McGuinness

Declan Meehan                 Ollie McGuinness

Jason Kileen                        Ciaran Murray

Sean Og de Paor                Dermot Reynolds

Sean O’Domhnaill            Paul Kiernan

Joe Bergin                             Ronan Haslett

Paul Clancy                         Gareth Foley

Tommy Joyce                       Fintan McBrien

Michael Donnellan          Padraig Kenny

Derek Savage                      Adrian Cullen

Padraig Joyce                      Seamus Quinn

Niall Finnegan                   Aiden Rooney

Subs                                            Subs

Shay Walsh for Tommy Joyce           Paul

McDermott for Haslet

John Donnellan for Paul Clancy         Pat Farrell

for Cullen

Kevin Walsh for O’Domhnaill          Shane

Canning for Kenny

Padraig Flynn for Foley



Roscommon                     Mayo

Derek Thompson              Peter Burke

Denis Gavin                         Gary Ruane

John White                           Kevin Cahill

Mike Ryan                            Ray Connelly

Clifford McDonald           Alan Roche

Francie Grehan                  James Nallen

Paul Noone                          Noel Connelly

Fergal McDonnell             Pat Fallon

Seamus O’Neill                  Colm McManamon

Conor Connelly                 James Gill

John Hanley                        Kieran McDonald

Stephen Lohan                  Trevor Mortimer

Nigel Dineen                      Marty McNicholas

Gerry Lohan                        Maurice Sheridan

Frankie Dolan                    Stephen Carolan

Subs                                         Subs

Gary Cox for Dineen        Michael Moyles for Gill

Don Connellan for S Lohan               David Nestor

for Carolan

Jonathan Dunning

for Hanley                            David Brady for


Alan Nolan for Connellan




Galway                                   Sligo

Alan Keane                          James Curran

Kieran Fitzgerald             Mark Cosgrove

Gary Fahy                             Patrick naughton

Ritchie Fahy                        Neil Carew

Declan Meehan                 Pádraig Doohan

Tomás Mannion                Michael langan

Sean Og de Paor                Brendan Phillips

Kevin Walsh                        Eamonn O’Hara

Michael Donnellan          Paul Durkan

Paul Clancy                         Tommy brennan

Tommy Joyce                       Sean Davy

Joe Bergin                             Brian Walsh

Derek Savage                      Dessie Sloyan

Padraig Joyce                      Mark Brehony

Matthew Clancy                Gerry McGowan

Subs                                         Subs

J Fallon for J Bergin         D McGarty for T


J McPartland for S Davy

K Quinn for B Walsh

D Durkan for M Langan

P Taylor for M Brehony




2003 final

6/7/03 Pearse Stadium

Galway 1-14 v Mayo 0-13

GALWAY: Brian Donoghue, Kieran Fitzgerald, Gary Fahey, Richard Fahey, Declan Meehan, Michael Donnellan, Sean Og De Paor, Kevin Walsh, Joe Bergin, Paul Clancy, Matthew Clancy, Ja Fallon, Michael Meehan, Padraig Joyce, Derek Savage. Subs: Tommy Joyce for N Joyce, Derry O Brien for Fahy, Paul Clancy for M Clancy

MAYO: Fintan Ruddy, Aidan Higgins, David Heaney, Gary Ruane, Gary Mullins, James Nallen, Fergal Costello, Fergal Kelly, James Gill, Trevor Mortimer, Declan McSweeney, Alan Dillon, Conor Mortimer, Brian Maloney, Stephen Carolan. Subs: Kenneth Mortimer for Costello, Ger Brady for Maloney, Pat Kelly for Mullins, Maloney for Carolan, Maurice Sheridan for Sweeney, Liam Moffat for Mortimer.


2004 final

18/7/09 Castlebar

Mayo 2-13 Roscommon 0-9

MAYO: Fintan Ruddy, COnor Moran, David Heaney, Gary Ruane, Gary Mullins, James Nallen, Fergal Costello, (C), David Brady, Ronan McGarrity, James Gill, Ciaran McDonald, Alan Dillon, Conor Mortimer, Trevor Mortimer, Brian Maloney. Subs: Peadar Gardiner for Mullins, Pat Kelly for Costello, Andy Moran for Dillon, Austin O Malley for Maloney, Declan Sweeney for C Moran.

ROSCOMMON: Shane Curran, John Whyte, Michael Ryan, John Nolan, David Casey, Francie Grehan, Andy McPadden, Seamus O Neill, Stephen Lohan, Gary Cox, John Hanly, John Tiernan, Jonathan Dunning, Karol Mannion, Frankie Dolan. Subs: Ger Heneghan for Dolan, Nigel Dineen for Hanly, John Rogers for Nolan, Derek Connellan for Dunning, Ray Cox for Tiernan.



2005 Final


Galway 0-10 Mayo 0-8 Pearse Stadium

GALWAY: Brian O Donoghue, Alan Burke, Finian Hanley, Kieran Fitzgerald, Declan Meehan, Paul Clancy, Damien Burke, Barry Cullinane, Niall Coleman, Matthew Clancy, Michael Donnellan, Kieran Comer, Michael Meehan, Padraic Joyce (c), Derek Savage. Subs: Sean Armstrong for Comer, Tomas Giblin for D Burke, Paul Geraghty for Coleman, Sean Og De Paor for Clancy.

MAYO: David Clarke, Dermot Geraghty, David Heaney, Gary Ruane, Colin Moran, James Nallen, Peadar Gardiner, Ronan McGarrity, Shane Fitzmaurice, Andy Moran, Ciaran McDonald (c), Alan Dillon, Conor Mortimer, Billy Joe Padden, Trevor Mortimer. Subs: James Gill for A Moran, Pat Kelly for C Moran, Brian Maloney for Dillon, Liam O Malley for Gardiner.


2006 final

16/7/06 Castlebar

Mayo 0-12 Galway 1-8

MAYO: John Healy, Dermot Geragthy, Liam O Malley, Keith Higgins, James Nallen, David Heaney (c), Peadar Gardiner, Ronan McGarrity, Pat Harte, Billy Joe Padden, Ger Brady. Alan Dillon, Andy Moran, Conor Mortimer, Ciaran McDonald. Subs: Kevin O Neill for A Moran, Trevor Mortimer for Brady.

GALWAY: Brian O Donoghue, Michael Comer, Finian Hanley, Damien Burke, Declan Meehan, Diarmuid Blake, Alan Burke, Niall Coleman, Michael Donnellan (c), Matthew Clancy, Padraic Joyce, Joe Bergin, Michael Meehan, Cormac Bane, Sean Armstrong. Subs: Damian Dunleavy for Armstrong, Barry Cullinane for Coleman, Kieran Fitzgerald for A Burke, Paul Clancy for Dunleavy.


2007 final

8/7/07 Hyde Park

Sligo 1-10 Galway 0-12

SLIGO: Philip Greene, Charles Harrison, Noel McGuire (c), Ross Donovan, Paul McGovern, Michael McNamara, John Davey, Eamonn O Hara, Kieran Quinn, Brian Curran, Mark Breheny, Brendan Egan, David Kelly, Sean Davey, John McPartland. Subs: Ken Sweeney for B Egan, Padraig Doohan for O Hara, Adrian Marren for D Kelly, Brendan Phillips for McNamara

GALWAY: Paul Doherty, Kieran Fitzgerald (c), Finian Hanley, Damian Burke, Michael Comer, Diarmuid Blake, Declan Meehan, Joe Bergin, Niall Coleman, Ja Fallon, Michael Meehan, Nicky Joyce, Derek Savage, Padraic Joyce, Cormac Bane. Subs: Sean Armstrong for Bane, Barry Cullinane for Meehan, Niall Coyne for Blake, Matthew Clancy for Coleman, Paul Geraghty for Savage.


2008 Final

13/7/08 Castlebar

Galway 2-12 Mayo 1-14

GALWAY: Paul Doherty, Gareth Bradshaw, Finian Hanley, Damien Burke, Niall Coyne, Diarmuid Blake, Gary Sice, Barry Cullinane, Niall Coleman, Matthew Clancy, Padraic Joyce (C), Fiachra Breathnach, Cormac Bane, Michael Meehan, Nicky Joyce. Subs: Kieran Fitzgerald for N Coyne, Sean Armstrong for Clancy, Paul Conroy for Coleman, Mark Lydon for N Joyce, Niall Coleman for Breathnach.

MAYO: David Clarke, Kieran Conroy, Keith Higgins, Colm Boyle, Tom Cunniffe, David Heaney, James Nallen, Ronan McGarrity (C), Tom Parsons, Alan Dillon, Pat Harte, Trevor Mortimer, Conor Mortimer, Austin O Malley, Andy Moran. Subs: Aidan Kilcoyne for Mortimer, Aidan Higgins for Conroy, Peadar Gardiner for Boyle, Billy Joe Padden for Malley, Mark Ronaldson for Parsons.


19/7/09 Pearse Stadium

Mayo 2-12 Galway 1-14

MAYO: Kenneth O Malley, Liam O Malley, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins, Peadar Gardiner, Trevoe Howley, Andy Moran, David Heaney, Ronan McGarrity, Pat Harte, Alan Dillon, Trevor Mortimer (c), Aidan Kilcoyne, Barry Moran, Aidan O Shea. Subs: Donal Vaughan for O Malley, Conor Mortimer for Kilcoyne, Mark Ronaldson for B Moran, Tom Parsons for Heaney.

GALWAY: Adrian Flaherty, Niall Coyne, Finian Hanley, Damian Burke (C), Gareth Bradshaw, Declan Meehan, Diarmuid Blake, Paul Conroy, Joe Bergin, Niall Coleman, Padraic Joyce, Gary Sice, Sean Armstrong, Michael Meehan, Nicky Joyce. Subs: Fiachra Breathnach for Coyne, Cormac Bane for Conrroy, Matthew Clancy for Bradshaw.


Roscommon 0-14 Sligo 0-13

ROSCOMMON: Geoffrey Claffey, Sean McDermott, Peter Domican (c), Stephen Ormsby, Cathal Dineen, Sean Purcell, David Casey, Michael Finneran, Karol Mannion, David Keenan, David O Gara, Cathal Cregg, John Rogers, Donie Shine, Ger Heneghan. Subs: Keith Higgins for Rogers, Colm Garvey for Casey, Jonathan Dunning for O Gara, Paul Garvey for Dineen.

SLIGO: Philip Greene, Charlie Harrison (c), Noel McGuire, Ross Donovan, Keelan Cawley, Brendan Phillips, John Davey, Tony Taylor, Stephen Gilmartin, Alan Costello, Mark Breheny, Eamonn O Hara, Colm McGee, Adrian Marren, David Kelly. Subs: Eugene Mullen for Taylor, Kenneth Sweeney for McGee, Sean Davey for Gilmartin, Neil Ewing for Phillips, Stephen Coen

for Breheny.



Mayo 0-13 Sligo 0-11

Mayo: R Hennelly; K Higgins, A Feeney, T Cunniffe; R Feeney, D Vaughan, T Mortimer; A O’Shea, S O’Shea; K McLoughlin (0-1), A Dillon (0-1), A Moran (0-1); C O’Connor (0-8, frees), A Freeman, J Doherty. Subs: G Cafferkey for Feeney (53 mins), E Varley (0-1) for Doherty (59 mins), R McGarrity for S O’Shea (64 mins), P Gardiner (0-1) for McLoughlin (67 mins).
Roscommon: G Claffey; S McDermott, N Carty, S Purcell; D Keenan, P Domican, D Ward (0-1); M Finneran, K Mannion; S O’Grady, K Higgins, C Cregg (0-1); C Devaney, S Kilbride (0-1), D Shine (0-8, 0-3 frees, 0-1 45). Subs: C Dineen for Ward (37 mins), D McDermott for O’Grady (54 mins), S Ormsby for Dineen (61 mins), E Kenny for Kilbride (62 mins), G Heneghan for Devaney (66 mins).



Mayo 0-12 Sligo 0-10

Mayo – D Clarke; K Keane, G Cafferkey, K Higgins; C Boyle (0-1), D Vaughan, L Keegan (0-1); B Moran (0-1), D Geraghty (0-1); K McLoughlin, C O’Connor (0-3), A Dillon (0-2); E Varley (0-1), A Moran (0-1), J Doherty. Subs: A O’Shea (0-1) for Geraghty, M Conroy for Varley, A Freeman for Doherty.
Sligo – P Greene; N Ewing, J Martyn, R Donovan; C Harrison, M Quinn, P McGovern; S McManus, T Taylor; M Breheny (0-3), D Maye (0-2), B Egan; A Costello (0-1), A Marren (0-3), D Kelly (0-1). Subs: E O’Hara for McManus, E Mullen for Taylor, S Coen for Costello, J Davey for McGovern, D Rooney for Quinn.



Mayo 5-11 London 0-10

MAYO: Robert Hennelly, Tom Cunniffe, Ger Cafferkey, Chris Barrett, Lee Keegan (0-2), Keith Higgins, Colm Boyle, Aidan O’ Shea, Seamus O’ Shea, Kevin McLoughlin (0-2), Alan Dillon, Richie Feeney (0-1), Andy Moran(C) (0-1), Alan Freeman (1-2), Darren Coen (1-0). Subs: Cillian O’ Connor (3-3) for Darren Coen, Michael Conroy for Alan Freeman, Donal Vaughan for Richie Feeney, Enda Varley for Andy Moran, Shane McHale for Ger Cafferkey.

LONDON: Declan Traynor, Phillip Butler, Stephen Curran, Dave McGreevy, Seamus Hannon(C), Shane Mulligan, Tony Gaughan, Caolan Doyle, Paul Geraghty, Greg Crowley, Damien Dunleavy, Ciarán McCallion, Eoin O’ Neill, Lorcan Mulvey, Cathal Magee. Subs: Cathal Óg Greene for Tony Gaughan, Colin Daly for Caolan Doyle, Seán Kelly for Eoin O’ Neill, Barry Mitchell for Ciarán McCallion, Pádraig McGoldrick for Damien Dunleavy.



Mayo 3-14 Galway 0-16
Mayo – R Hennelly; C Barrett, G Cafferkey, K Higgins; L Keegan (1-1), C Boyle, D Vaughan; S O’Shea, B Moran (1-0); K McLoughlin (0-3), A O’Shea, J Doherty (1-1); C O’Connor (0-8), A Moran, A Dillon (0-1). Subs: M Conroy for A Dillon, A Freeman for A Moran, J Gibbons for B Moran (BC), K Keane for C Boyle, D O’Connor for J Doherty, M Sweeney for A O’Shea.
Galway – M Breathnach; A Tierney, F Hanley, D O’Neill; G Bradshaw (0-1), G O’Donnell, P Varley; F O’Curraoin, T Flynn; M Lundy (0-1), S Walsh (0-7), D Comer; P Conroy (0-4), E Hoare, D Cummins (0-1). Subs: J Kavanagh for D Comer, D Burke for A Tierney, S Armstrong (0-2) for D Cummins, G Higgins for E Hoare, J O’Brien for M Lundy.

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