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Club Code of Conduct

(It is suggested that the club in question might tailor the opening comments to suit the requirements and their club members. It is recommended not to change in any way the actual statement of club conduct provided by the association).

Maintaining Appropriate Levels of Behaviour in our Work with Children & Young People complements Sport Ireland Code of Ethics and the Code of Behaviour (Underage), the joint Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport and addresses the appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our young players, officials, coaches, trainers, mentors, supporters, parents/guardians and clubs.

Generalised Code of Conduct and Best Practice

The code is in accordance with the guidelines produced by the Gaelic Athletic Association in their ‘Code of Best Practice for Youth Sport’, approved for use by the Irish Sports Council and the Sports Council of Northern Ireland.

The achievement of ’best practice’ is dependent on:

  • the development of skill and well-being through the playing, coaching and promotion of our games
  • the adoption of the principles of fair playand good behaviour at all times
  • the development of a positive, constructive, supportive and encouraging team environment
  • maximizing the sense of achievement, fun and participation in order to develop players to their full potential

The GAA founded on the core values of mutual respect, valuing each person, and support and encouragement among team members, managers, coaches, mentors and other members of the association.

The coaching resources and activities of the association are firmly rooted in the local community. The GAA are committed to providing an environment that promotes a ‘sense of belonging’ in one’s club. This shall allow all members of the association to perform, develop and mature to the best of their ability, free from bullying and intimidation. Inappropriate behaviour (as laid out in our Code of Conduct and Best Practice) by any member of the association (or any person/persons associated with the club) that undermines these values is unacceptable and will be considered a breach of the associations Code of Conduct. Such behaviour will be subject to the disciplinary procedures of the association and the club in question (as outlined in in the Code of Conduct Committee Guidelines).

The Code of Conduct and Best Practice forms part of the association’s constitution and ethos, and as such, it is part of the rules and regulations that bind the operation of the club and its members.


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