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Player Transfers

The main source for information on Transfers is Chapter 6 of the Official Guide dealing with Playing Eligibility, Transfers and Declarations.

Club Transfers

Within a county (i.e. from one club to another but within the same County) – these are dealt with by the relevant County Committee; each County will have a Bye Law governing the transfer of their players within the County. A player must apply to the County Committee for a transfer and the County Committee will approve or reject a transfer based on their own Bye Laws. Further information from your County Committee.

From one club to another but within the same province – these are dealt with by the Connacht Council. A player wishing to do so must fill out an inter county transfer form, which can be downloaded from the ClubZone section of . Such transfers will require the approval signature of the Secretaries of the player’s current club and county, and those of the club and county he intends to join. Further information from the relevant provincial Council.

From one club to another but cross province – These transfers are dealt with by Croke Park and require the filling of the inter county transfer form referred to above. A transfer of this type will also require the approval signatures of the relevant Secretaries of the county and club that a player is leaving and those which he is joining.

As a general rule, players must be permanently resident in the County they are transferring to in order to obtain an inter-county transfer. There are, however, some exceptions as detailed in Chapter 6 of the Official Guide.

Playing Abroad

Information on playing abroad can be found on the clubzone section of where there is an FAQ on the matter for players who are emigrating. Temporary Transfers – known as Sanctions- can be obtained for players who only intend playing abroad for a short period of time (e.g. students on a working summer holiday to the States) while Weekend Authorisations allow players to assist a Club in New York or Europe for a single weekend without affecting their registration with their Club in Ireland. Further information in Chapter 6 of the Official Guide (Rule 6.13 – Playing in U.S.A./Canada/Australasia) and the official GAA website For more information pertaining to Player Transfers and Sanction, click on the link below

Inter County Transfer Form