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Qualities of a Coach

The coaching style needed will depend on the age or group being coached. However, some of the qualities a coach needs are transferable across all age groups. A good coach is

Positive: A coach should always try make everyone’s experience of Gaelic Games positive, by being approachable, encouraging and considerate of each player’s needs.


Enthusiastic: A coach should always be upbeat and optimistic with the players, with appropriate verbal and body language.


Supportive: A coach should always be supportive of players and show empathy when required.


Organised: A coach should be organised and prepared, so they can be fully focused when it’s time for

training and matches.


Trusting: The coach should work to earn the trust of the players and not abuse that trust. The coach should also trust the players to make decisions when the opportunity may be there.


Focused: A coach should be focused on providing an environment where their players, the team and club are at the centre of actions.

Goal-oriented: A coach should have some goals or guidelines they want the players or teams should strive for depending on their age and level.


Knowledgeable: A coach should have some knowledge of the game and rules, but also in how to adapt training sessions and keep it fresh and enjoyable.


Observant: A coach should practice observation during training and games to get a better understanding of certain patterns of behaviour both positive and negative.


Respectful: A coach should always be respectful of the players, club, officials and the game.


Patient: A coach needs patience and understand that development is a long-term process, where the fruits of their labour may not be noticeable for many years after their interaction


Reflective: Reflective practice can be a significant contributor to coach development


Clear communicator: A coach needs to communicate their messages clearly and effectively to all. They need to understand that some may need more direction than others but to be clear, patient and respectful always.


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