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School Competition Rules

Connacht GAA Post Primary Schools Competitions-

General Rules for 2022/23

1) All correspondence for schools will go out via email to your official GAA School email address.

2) All communication in regards school’s competitions must come through the school’s designated coordinator.

3) Due to the tight timetable we have available to play off our competitions, especially with Senior Competitions going to All Ireland Stages, all matches must be played on or before the fixture date listed. All fixtures are listed on the Connacht GAA website

4) Any unfulfilled games not played prior to the final round of league fixtures will be declared null and void.

5) Mutual postponements will only be allowed when both schools notify the Connacht GAA Office, (, via email of the agreed new date, (which must be within 48 hours of the original fixture), and this is sanctioned by the Schools Committee. All games not played under the above will be deemed null and void.

6) Results for all games, (Football & Hurling) to be notified to the Connacht GAA Office immediately after the match by the designated home team, (first team listed), via email to or by phone 0949630335
7) All Knockout games will be “Winner on the Day”. If level after normal time, extra time will be played (two periods of ten minutes), and if still level, a “penalty competition” to decide the outcome. Match regulations & player registration form will be forwarded on.  

8) If home venue is not available for home matches, teams must travel to opponent’s venue.

9) All schools must have a Staff Member in charge of their team

10) Referees must be paid before the start of all matches, the €40 fee to be shared by the two schools.

11) Football – It is the responsibility of all players to wear mouth guards.

Hurling – It is the responsibility of all players to wear helmets.

 12) Participating schools are responsible for the behaviour of their players, managers and supporters.

13) Particular attention and respect for club property and club personnel where matches are played should be a priority.

14) Rules regarding discipline and playing games as per Official Guide.

15) Age Groups

(6.17 T.O. 2021).

Grades/Competitions  Age Limits
Senior Born on or after 01-01-2004 and before 1-7-2008
Junior Born on or after 01-01-2006 and before 1-7-2010
Juvenile born or after 01-01-2008


16) PLC Students are not eligible to play in Post Primary Competitions.

17) Each school shall Submit a list of players for each of its teams to Comhairle Chonnacht, (, on the standard Team Registration form no later than 3 days prior to the commencement of the competition. The list of players must contain a minimum of 15 players per team and to include the following information, Name, Date of Birth, Home Club and County.

18) Schools that have entered additional teams into the Competitions must indicate their first 15 players, these players can only play with their ‘A’ team and cannot be used on other teams, (see attached Team registration form).

17) Match Days for Connacht Colleges Football Competitions.

  • Monday- Junior
  • Tuesday- 1st Year
  • Wednesday- Senior
  • Thursday- Juvenile

Playing Rules- Football Competitions

  • 1st Year & Juvenile Competitions- Unlimited substitutions are allowed on the referee’s permission and only permitted in a break in play.
  • 1st Year- The Goalkeeper has the option of taking the kickout from the ground or his hands.
  • A size 5 Football to be used in all grades except 1st Year where a Size 4 football must be used.
  • The 1st Year D Football Competition games to be played on 13-a-side basis, however if both teams agree 15-a-side may be played.

Playing Rules- Hurling Competitions

  • 1st Year & Juvenile Competitions- Unlimited substitutions are allowed on the referee’s permission and only permitted in a break in play.