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Sustainability Projects

1) Afforestation and Walkways:

Connacht GAA has taken a bold step towards reforestation by planting 3.5 acres of ash trees, contributing to the reforestation of natural habitats and biodiversity. In addition, the construction of new walkways along the site boundary covering nearly 2.5km promotes healthy lifestyles and provides opportunities for visitors and the local community to connect with nature.

2) Rainwater Harvesting and LED Lighting

The installation of a 72,000l rainwater harvesting tank connected to all onsite toilets is a sustainable solution taht minimises water consumption and reduces strain on local resources. All water demand onsite is further managed through push release timers on all showers and taps along with solenoid valves and presence sensors. Furthermore, upgrading all lighting to energy-efficient LED technology reduces energy consumption and lowers carbon emissions.

3) Smart Lighting Systems

Connacht GAA has implememented an intelligent lighting system by installing movement sensors and photocells, optimising public lighting. This innovative approach ensures efficient energy usage, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable operation.

4) Building Management System

The introduction of diesel, electricity, waste, water and gas meters as part of a building management system upgrade allows us to monitor and measure our energy consumption. This valuabale data now enables us to identify opportunities for further energy efficiency and inform decision making to continually improve sustainability performance.

5) Connacht GAA Sustainability and Biodiversity Committee

To drive sustainable initiatives and ensure their successful implementation, Connacht GAA has formed a dedicated committee. This multidisciplinary team brings together experts and stakeholders to collaborate on sustainable strategies and monitor progress towards environmental goals. 

6) Community Involvement and Native Tree Plantation

Connacht GAA ctively engages with GHAA volunteers and our local schools in their sustainability effort by spearheading a plantation project of wildflowers and native trees. This hands-on education initiative not only enhances biodiversity, but also fosters environmental awareness and responsibility among the younger generation. 

7) Bug Hotels, Trees and Hedgerows

To support the local ecosystem and provide refuge for beneficial insects, Connacht GAA has constructed Bug Hotels with the assistance of our local schools and Transition Year students. In addition, the planting of 13,000 trees and hedgerows acts as windbreakers and shelter belts for our pitches, enhancing playing conditions while promoting biodiversity. 

8) Solar Panels

Connacht GAA has embraced renewable energy by installing 1000 solar panels which generates surplus electricity contributing to their sustainability efforts and reducing reliance on conventional power sources. Connacht GAA were the first Category B export license to go live in Ireland. We now export over 250 kilowatts per day, which is enough to power 20 homes a day on top of our own usage in keeping the world’s largest Air Dome inflated. 

9) Bees and Honey

The introduction of beehives with approximately 40,000 bees, not only supports apollination but also yields a harvest of honey annually, showcasing the fruitful intersection of sustainability and biodiversity.

10) EV Infrastructure

With an eye on the future, Connacht GAA has installed electric car charging points, encouraging the adoption of electric charging points, encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from transportation.

11) The Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

Connacht GAA have set an ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral. With a clear vision and ongoing commitment, we are continuously developing a road map that outlines the steps to achieve this important milestone, ensuring a sustainable and environmentally responsible future. Connacht GAA’s sustainability and biodiversity program stands as a testament to our dedication to environmental preservation. By leading the way in sustainability practices, we aim to inspire others to follow suit, creating a brighter and greener future for all. 


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