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Specialist Positions/Jobs

Specialist Positions/Jobs

There are a number of specialist positions/jobs associated with a team. As coaches we must endeavor to ensure that we provide and support these adequately. We must make sure to incorporate these specialist positions/jobs into all of our coaching sessions. If they are going to excel, they must practice these skills constantly in training.  Below we have 3 such jobs



Every coach should endeavour to identify potential goalkeepers and to raise the profile of the position.

The role of the goalkeeper is becoming more and more prevalent in modern day football. The goalkeeper should ideally have the following traits:

  • A good shot stopper
  • Comfortable and confident under the high ball
  • Proficient at the accurate delivery of short and long kick outs/passes
  • Is vocal and a good organiser

They must also analyse decision making, and coach the player to assess certain situations with the view to making correct decisions (Was there a better option?)

As coaches we must ensure that the goalkeeper gets specialist training throughout his development.


Free Taking

A free-taker can step up to a ball anywhere in the vicinity of the goal and make it a potential score. They can kick a dead ball either out ‘off-the-hands’ or ‘off-the-ground’. History is proving that the success rate out of-the-hands is significantly higher, even when adjusted for the fact that frees from longer range are normally off-the-ground. Forwards are more comfortable now kicking from their hands but both ways should be practiced in game based training as well as the obligatory couple of hundred kicks a week away from collective training in order to perfect the craft is very important if we are to develop true free-takers. This should be encouraged by coaches and if the players are willing then footballs should be provided when requested.

Role of the Captain:

The captain is an honourable and important position that brings responsibility and allows players to develop leadership qualities.

All coaches should take great care in choosing a captain and remind players of the importance of the role of the captain.

The captain should earn the chance to be given the honour by displaying commitment to the team.

At underage this role can be changed at each game, giving all players the experience.

Coaches should watch each individual to see if they display all the traits of a good captain.

Captains should be encouraged to be vocal and asked to motivate their team before and during games vocally and by their actions

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