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Development Grant Process

Club Grant Application procedures:

Connacht GAA award grants to clubs that undertake development of their physical infrastructure. These grants are only available to clubs that have their facilities vested in the GAA.
Grants are awarded under the following headings

  1. Purchase of Grounds
  2. Pitch Development (Levelling/Drainage) and Enclosure
  3. Construction of Dressing Rooms
  4. Covered Stand
  5. Additional Development

Clubs should be mindful of the following procedures when applying for Club Grants.

  1. The Club completes the application form, (available from ), in consultation with the County Development/Grounds Committee and forwards it to the Secretary of the County Development /Grounds Committee together with the following supporting documentation;
    (a) 3 copies of Declaration of Trust, (draft available from Runaí Contae).
    (b) Certified Evidence of Claimed Costs
    (c) Copy of Club’s past three years recent Audited Accounts or Club Treasurer’s report certified by County Officers.
  2. In the case of an application for Purchase Grant where it is not possible to have the Declaration of Trust completed at the time the application is made, approval may be given on the following condition:
    (i) that the Club’s Solicitor submits a “Letter of Undertaking”, (draft available from County Secretary), to the effect that the Declaration of Trust will be furnished as a matter of urgency. (ii) That the Undertaking will be honoured not later than six months from the date on which the “Letter of Undertaking” is submitted to the Provincial Council, (see No. 7(d) under).
  3. The County Development/Grounds Committee considers the application and checks that it is properly documented. On being fully satisfied with the application, the County Development/Grounds Committee certifies the Application form and forwards the Application form and supporting Documentation to the County Secretary for endorsement.
    N.B. If the County Development/Grounds Committee receives an application which is not properly completed or documented, the entire application should be returned to the club pointing out why the application is not in order.
  4. The County Secretary endorses the Application form, retains one copy of the Declaration of Trust and forwards the form and remaining supporting documentation to the Secretary of the Provincial Council.
  5. The Provincial Council appraises and, where appropriate, inspects the project in respect of which grant aid is sought and , on being fully satisfied that the application is in order, approves the grant.
  6. The Provincial Council will on receiving evidence of completion of work and of actual final cost issue, on behalf of Central Council and Provincial Council, appropriate payment.
  7. Conditions:
    (A) Grounds must be vested in the G.A.A.
    (B) Trustees must be appointed in accordance with Rules laid down by the Association.
    (C) Purchase Grant applications must be lodged with the appropriate Provincial Council within one year of date of purchase.
    (D) In the case of Purchase Grant, where approval was given on the basis of a “Letter of Undertaking”, payment of grant will be made only on submission of Declaration Of Trust as prescribed at No. 2 above.
    (E) Clubs must have completed a Club Strategic Plan , (details of Club Strategic planning programme included within this edition).

The following is a checklist a club must have in place when making their application;

  • Full details of proposed project
  • Evidence of Planning Permission
  • Is club vested – supply copy of deed of trust
  • Set of club accounts for past 3 years
  • Financial Plan for the project.
  • Letter of approval for bank borrowing, (if necessary).
  • Up to date tender document
  • County Board Approval
  • Evidence of Lotto approval, (if granted).
  • Club Strategic Plan