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Rules Query & Discipline


query from an individual

County Board


Croke Park
Director General’s office

Draft Response on behalf of D,G OR
Seek direction from relevant CLG Department OR

Refer to Rules Advisory Committee/Coiste Bainistí

General Principles

  • Formal requests advice should only be dealt with when submitted by the Secretary of a given unit.
  • Requests should be in writ
  • Any advice or interpretations offered that are not in writing, should not be considered to the formal opinion of an officeholder or the GAA unit he/she represents.
  • It should be clear that all that is being given is the particular officeholders understanding of the rule. Formal Interpretations can only be provided via Ard Chomhairle as outlined in Riail 3.47 (T.O 2010) and should be submitted directly to the Ard Stiúrthóir.
  • Correspondence from club/county secretaries if by email should be from the official club/county Secretary’s GAA mail address; if by post they should be on official club/county headed paper
  • The facility should be left open to fast track any query (straight to Provincial or Central Council if affected by constraints) or the unavailability of a particular individual


Rule queries should be directed to Co. Secretary from Club Secretary.


  • Secretary responds formally or
  • Passes query to Provincial Secretary


  • Provincial Office contacted by County
  • Query directed to relevant officer
  • Response formulated by Secretary

Central Council

  • Relevant Department provides answer or
  • Referred to Rules Advisory Committee


  1. General Rules – T.NíRaghaill
  2. Club Rules/Constitution /Membership – T.NíRaghaill
  3. Disciplinary Rules/Playing Rules/Transfers – F. MacGiolla
  4. Trustee/Club property – C.Ní Shlataire/T. Ó Riain
  5. College Eligibility – G.Mac Dabhéid/F.MacGiolla
  6. Specifications (goal posts, helmets, balls etc ) P. Ó Dálaigh