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Fun/Development Trips

Development and fun trips are designed to be enjoyable; this will maximize the positive impact on your players as they are more willing to get involved. Trips need to involve teamwork, and this helps the team understand each other better, players understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Trips away or a change in training can boost the team’s morale and make everyone become better friends, this will help improve team performance.


One of the best outcomes for team building is that the activities actually work to improve communication.  When you have a friendly team atmosphere, where people are comfortable and happy to talk to and work with anyone – players are more capable of performing well together.


Coaches need to ask themselves what level is the team already at. Do they all know each other from school and as such are already a tight-knit group? Are coming together from different areas and don’t know each other on a basic level? Are they in need of a boost in morale after a few defeats? Once you’ve decided on a starting point, you can build certain aspects into the activities in order to strengthen that bond.


Why Team Building Matter

As a coach, it is your job to blend a group of players that can win on the field, as well as enjoy each other’s company off it. A group of talented individuals does not make a team –building team spirit off the field is vital to bringing victory on it.

When you bring your team closer together, this allows them to invest in a shared outcome when they go out onto the pitch as a team. When your team is together and working for each other is gives them a greater sense of team identity too. As well as that, players are learning social skills that will stay with them onto adulthood.


Fun Trip Ideas


Inside of Your Club


Outside of Your Club


Club BBQ Bowling
 La Na gclub Paintballing
Bubble Football Hire Escape Room
Pub Quiz GAA County Game
Talent Show Sports Match (soccer/rugby)
Fancy Dress Day Adventure Park
Sports Day (Relay races or try other sports) Minigolf/ Footgolf
Movie Night Team Dinner


It is worth thinking about taking your usual training session somewhere different for a change. Think about areas close by – is there a beach nearby? Do you have access to an indoor facility? Is there a charity run coming up or a mountain hike?

Lastly before you book or plan anything makes sure you check the availability of your players, and it is at a date and time they can all commit too. Double check that it doesn’t clash with any official fixtures, weddings, communions etc – just like a Championship match it is important everyone attends.

Make sure you have ‘Parent/ Guardian Permission form’ filled out by everyone. This form should include name, age, allergies, important medical information, emergency contact numbers etc.

Fun/Development Trips Section