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Organising a Go-Games Blitz

Organising a go games blitz:

Gaa go games are organised on a blitz basis by a club. A blitz is a games event that involves 2 or more teams and can run on an internal (single unit) or external unit (multiple unit) basis, usually played at one venue.

Coordinating a Go Games Blitz involves running and planning of all the people, teams and features that come together to create this event. The steps involved can be:

  1. Develop a blitz overview
  2. Select blitz event management team
  3. Designate key roles, responsibilities & tasks
  4. Develop a blitz event checklist and management related document
  5. Develop reporting & communication process
  6. Develop and conduct a post-event review process
Programme of activities: Issued to helpers, team coaches
Weather: will it be suitable
Games: pitch sizes, referees, pitch coordinators, equipment (goals, cones, footballs, poles)
Facilities: Drinking water, toilets, dressing rooms
Briefings: plan for day, emergency protocol
Medical: first aid equipment & personnel
Safety: Ground safety & other
Contact List: ensuring everyone involved knows who to contact.
A particular challenge for Blitz Coordinators is to facilitate full participation; i.e., to work with Coaches to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to play (a Go) in every game, for the full game.

As playing rules can be modified, here are some potential challenges and solutions:

Challenge Solution
Clubs show up with uneven numbers of players Mix the players from different clubs
When teams are divided up, the number of players is uneven •  Play with a ‘fly-goalie’

•  The team with the extra player swaps to the other team for the second half

Some Coaches and Parents want to play finals and/or present winners with trophies/cups Remind them that it is GAA national policy not to have finals or present trophies. Every child participating in the blitz can receive the same medal, certificate, etc.

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