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U-11 Training

U-11 training

Stage 4. We are a team (Learning about positions)
Technical Football New skills:

-Side to side charge

–  the roll

–  chip lift

–  outside of foot kick

Introduce to specialist skills:


–   kicking from ground Revision and refinement: Catching, Kicking, tackling, pick up, Bounce, Solo, Hand- pass, tackle


New Skills:

–        Switch pass

–        Lift and strike (frees)

–        Hurl flick

Introduction to specialist skills;

–        Goalkeeping, Sideline cut

–        Penalty taking

Revision and Refinement:

Roll & jab lift, Hand passing, Low catch, Striking from hand, Shooting, Solo,

Frontal/ground block & hooking at pace

All skills should be advanced to be performed at pace but only if players are proficient with performing them on the move.

Bilateral development very much emphasized.

Physical Refinement of FMS skills. Introduction to basic resistance exercises using basic body weight exercises to work on core and strength, help to develop and maintain flexibility.
Tactical Develop decision making on and off the ball.

Choosing to perform the appropriate skill at the appropriate time. Introduction to the concept of delay, deny and dispossess.

Team play Develop a greater awareness of positional sense through modified and conditioned games.

Conditioned and modified games are key for developing focus on specific techniques and skills, Games should be 5v5 to a max 11v11

Psycho/social Develop a positive attitude towards Gaelic games through the development of relationships with place, community and role models. Concentration and focus, the ability to work for slightly extended periods of time without losing quality, Basic goal setting with coach.

Introduction of core club values at this age as well

Coaching Style Direct for the skill development but moving towards democratic when using the games approach.
Player Characteristics Improved co-ordination (including hand to eye) so at an ideal age for learning skills, the primary focus at U11.

Often very competitive and needs careful control

Health & Performance Introduction to importance of hydration (drinking water),diet and to the importance of warm up, cool down, & core/strength programs.
Equipment Football/ Sliotar (Smart touch) one ball per 2 players, cones, Bibs, portable

goals/agility poles



Recommended session structure: (1 hr) Warm-up (10 mins)

Generic warm up for all, fun games and activities to develop FMS and basic core/strength.


Revise a Skill (10 mins)

Work on a skill that was performed poorly in last session, this could be match or training game in last session (e.g. working on hook, kick in pairs)

 Practice a technique (10 mins)

Introduction to a new technique for this session. Example block down. Player in blue moves to each yellow player in a zig zag to block the kick.

Develop the skill (10 mins)

Develop the skill into a game play scenario. Example, players in yellow have the ball and try to score, the player in blue comes out and tries to block it down.

Play a game (20 mins)

1st 10 minutes condition/modify the game to focus on the skill you just worked on. Eg game with kick pass only so there will be numerous opportunities to block the ball. Bonus of 3 points for each block.2nd 10 minutes full game based on the go games model (appendix X) 5v5 up to a max 11 v11

 Top Tips:

  • Coach: Player Ratio 1: 8
  • Be well organized and have the session planned in advance
  • Be enthusiastic and encourage process rather than outcome
  • Be sure to develop character and good values, praise social development


Sample drills and activities can be got at following websites/pages:


U-11 Training Section