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Club Membership

The GAA has the largest membership of any sporting organisation in Ireland. When one becomes a member of a GAA club, they become part of the GAA family and part of a great community based organisation that continues to enhance the lives of so many people.

In order for one to become a member of the GAA (Association), one must first become a member of a GAA club. A person can apply for member ship of a club by completing the Full or Youth membership application form and forwarding it to the club Secretary for approval by the Club Executive Committee. Once a member, a person is then registered with the Association and provided with a membership number.

All club officers should be familiar with the rules governing club membership and the rules governing registration of members and players. This is an important consideration for clubs and every effort should be made to comply with all of the rules governing this topic.

Download the Full Membership & Youth Membership application forms.

Not a member? Why not join your local and/or a GAA club.

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Youth Membership Application Form

Full Membership Application Form