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Club Reg/Membership

Every player, coach and club officer must be a member of the club. All club officers should be familiar with the rules governing club membership and the rules governing registration of members and players. This is an important consideration for clubs and every effort should be made to comply with all of the rules governing this topic.


Therefore, every player, Coach and officer should be given every opportunity to register with their club.

Link to Sample Registration form that needs to be slightly adapted for your club:


The following are a number of ways in which we can get the registration conducted.


N.B. Registration Night:


Every club should hold a registration night to allow all underage players come to the club and see facilities, meet the team managements and register with the club.

Who should be in attendance:

  • Club Register
  • Treasurer
  • Team managers and management teams
  • All other available club officers

The registration night should be promoted in the local Schools through the Schools Liaison Officer and also on the club social media platforms.




Online registration:

Every club should also offer its patrons the opportunity to register online if they wish. There are a number of software companies that can aid in this process (e.g. Clubforce,


Face to face registration:

If then required the register should then offer the opportunity for patrons to register on a face to face meeting with the register or member of finance committee.


It should not be up to the team managers or coaches to deal with membership or registration, this is the job of the register and/or finance committee.


Club Reg/Membership Section