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Match Day Checklist

With so much emphasis now on performance of team and management it can often be overlooked the simpler non glamourous side of the operation namely preparing for the event. Here are some guidelines that can be used to ensure that all teams irrespective of age or level of competition can become experienced in preparing for matchday. The more prepared the management and players/parents/guardians are for outings the less chance of any issue creating tension and upset.

  • Kitbag – before travelling to game, check the weather forecast for the day and pack your gear accordingly.

Make sure to pack: Socks • Shorts • Football boots / Skort • Mouthguard / hurling helmet • Training top, windcheater, t-shirt • Tracksuit bottoms • Football gloves (if appropriate) • Sunscreen

  • Travelling – In preparation for travelling to a tournament, there are several important documents you must prepare and take with

They include:Passport (if travelling abroad) • Identification card • Travel insurance / Health insuranceTickets, boarding passes, etc.

  • If you are driving more than several hours Check relevant sites for travel updates

Take regular breaks to stretch, Ensure you have enough food, water and rest for the journey to maintain energy levels and stayed hydrated for the games ahead

  • First Aid Kit – Ensure 1 per team is brought to the venue if your club does not have a first aid person Included should be: • Plasters • Strapping • Clean wound care packs • Sterile gloves• Alcohol based disinfectant • Sterile water • Insect bite cream.



  • Send out schedule of games for the season when published
  • Resend two weeks prior to commencement of season highlighting changes
  • Week of game, Please send out time, venue and date of game. Keep to simple concise language
  • For Underage please contact parent/Guardian or nominated individual
  • Have list of contact details and forward list to each member of management
  • Following underage game ensure that all players have transport



  • Have three players in the car if not your own Two will suffice if one is your own child.
  • Contact parents about pick up venue and drop off venue/times.



  • Implement check list of all gear, sporting equipment and team list books required for game day before game
  • It is recommended that a second set of sporting equipment is with a second member in case the team manager is held up and cannot make game. It avoids unwanted issues prior to game
  • Ensure most importantly that for training and game that an adequate number of footballs/sliotars are available for pre match and game
  • Two sets of water bottles of 12 or more is recommended
  • Ensure that no mentor is in the dressing room when underage players are togging out and when talking to the players in the dressing room that at least two mentors are in the dressing room.
  • Team sheets x 2 signed by club secretary and in English and Irish (U12-u17)
  • Spare few gumshields in case any player forgets

Match Day Checklist Section