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Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence Leading the Way in Gaelic Games

October 13th, 2023

Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence Leading the Way in Gaelic Games

Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence (COE) proudly announce the launch and addition of some world leading sports performance equipment for visiting teams and athletes this season. Officially opened in December 2012, COE has developed teams and athletes nationally at all levels to compete and excel in their chosen gaelic sport.

With the state of the art sports preparation and development facilities, Connacht GAA COE boasts facilities which are at the forefront of human measurement technologies, offer high performance sports coaching, strength and conditioning, nutrition, sport scientists, with unique insights into sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Launching the availability of the world leading ‘HRIG’ – Hamstring Assessment Device, John Prenty, CEO of Connacht GAA COE commented ‘We are thrilled to now be able to offer teams and athletes next generation sports preparation, injury prevention and rehabilitation equipment. The HRIG, developed by Dr Martin Mc Intyre, is a world leading sports technology device which is now on offer here in the COE. Teams and athletes can avail of the opportunity to prepare to perform at elite sporting levels with our state of the art facilities. The HRIG is one of these exceptional resources that provide teams with the data and assessment tools and preparation they need to ensure players are available to train and play safely and provides athletes the opportunity to tailor their training and rehabilitation programme to stay injury free.’

Dr Martin McIntyre commented ‘The HRIG team are thrilled to provide Connacht GAA COE and its visiting teams with our world leading sports equipment. John Prenty & his team have brought state of the art facilities to our gaelic games and opportunity to all participants to compete at the next level in sport.’

The HRIG is a world leading hamstring assessment device with two specific tests developed to simulate the mechanism of injury in sport. These tests include a bilateral and unilateral testing protocol and have been specifically designed to assess hamstring function. With over 7 years of research, 400+ individual test cases and a normative data base of over 2,000 players. It has been developed through the Sports Injuries and Sports Medicine Clinic in County Mayo , Connacht GAA Centre of Excellence, John Moores University, Liverpool and a team of sports engineers based at Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom. The device has been patented worldwide and developed through a number of research papers which have been published internationally.

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